Ship bike BKK to Nong Khai and cross to Vientiane?

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  1. I've got some work coming up in Vientiane, and I'd like to get my KLX250 up there to put around and do some exploring during down time. I'd like to ship it it from BKK to Nong Khai, then fly to Vientiane, cross back to Thailand to pick up the bike, and bring it into Laos.I'll reverse the process when I return to BKK. This will be my first time shipping a bike in Thailand, and my first time crossing a border on a bike, so I've been doing some research here. Can anybody help me out answering some questions or giving general advice?

    1) Shipping: It looks like my best options are shipping by Thai Post, or possibly by train. Are there any better options I'm missing? Is there a recommended post office in central BKK to ship from?

    2) Border crossing: I've heard smaller bikes aren't allowed to cross at the Friendship Bridge. Does anybody have recent experience crossing with a KLX250 or similar bike? Any other pitfalls I should look out for? I have a valid greenbook, visa, and Thai motorcycle license, so should be ok with the paperwork.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I took a CRF 250 over the bridge a few months ago. If I was going to put it on the train (which I did), I'd travel with it on an over night sleeper. Seems like a lot of trouble taking the bike to Hualamphong, going to the airport, travelling the 16kms to the bridge on the Lao side once arrived (airport is even further away), passing through two sets of immigration etc.

    If you must fly, I'd go to Udon.
  3. Should be no trouble to cross, provided you have the book & it is in your name.
    I would think it is better to enter with the bike straight off, instead of flying into Vientiane, then coming back out again.

    Post or train your bike up.
    Fly to Udon, then ride up from Udon.
    Do it all in one hit. Done. No messing around a week later or whenever.

    Re the P.O. you should be able to mail the bike from your local P.O. to the Udon GPO?
    For the train, yeah just go on the same train & get off in Nong Khai just a couple kms from the bridge!
    The train gets my vote.

    Whatever, let us know how you go.
  4. Hi Kiri,

    Pretty much agree with the above unless your work is paying for the flight to vte.

    Post to udon and fly up. Allow a week for the bike to get up then ride to vte.

    Or train to nongkhai with you and bike. First class sleepers are ok.

    I think around 1300 baht for the sleeper then similar for the bike.

    Other wise. If work is paying for the flight. Send the bike by post to nongkhai and ring the post office. When there cross and pick up the mighty klx.

    Hope to see you soon on one of the Sunday pattaya next kawasaki enduro is end of Oct in Bangkok

  5. Thanks for the advice gents. Work is paying for my flight, and I need to take more baggage into Laos than I can haul on the KLX, which is why I'm planning on the extra border crossings. That way I can fly in with all my stuff, get settled, then cross back to Nong Khai to pick up the bike.

    Should be at the next Kawasaki enduro. I was sorry to miss the last one, but ended up having to work that weekend.


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