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    I recently shipped my Honda Phantom from Bangkok to the deep south using Thai Post. Their big Yan Nawa facility on Chan Road, in the southeastern Sathorn area, did an excellent job. I highly recommend them. When entering the drive, go all the way to the rear, to the last building on your right. It is a one story structure with double doors and a ramp at its rear. You will be ushered up the ramp and into a large room where paper work is done quickly and efficiently and the bike is prepared for shipment. You will need 2 copies of your passport main pages, entry stamp and white exit slip that's stapled into your pprt.
    You will also need 2 copies of the green book or proof of ownership, along with filling out a short form.
    If you haven't made copies, go across the laneway, up the stairs at the back of the main building and there's a small office where they will make copies for 1 baht each.
    The staff in the motorcycle prep building were cheerful and efficient. Shipping the Phantom, with my tools and helmet attached to the bike in postal bags, cost 3400 baht. That's for an over 1100kms journey. I shipped the bike on a Thursday and picked it up the following Tuesday morning in the same condition. I verified my identity, signed the delivery receipt, removed the bubble wrap and cardboard protection it had been wrapped in at Bangkok, wheeled it down the ramp and off I went.
    The US postal service could learn a thing or two about service and price from these folks.
    I'm now going to ship the bike from Songkhla to Chiang Mai and expect equally good service.
    I've heard a few complaints about shipping bikes via Thai Post but the vast majority of reports seem to be very positive.
    They get my vote!
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    I've used this service twice now and have nothing but praise for the Thai Post Office. The last bike I shipped ( my old Honda GB400TT ) from Prakhon Chai to Bangkok was delivered within 24 hours, well, 19 hours door-to-door to be precise.
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    It might be a question of 'bad' luck ... But it would be interesting to know how often it strikes :-(
    I sent an er6n from Mae Rim (Chiangmai) to Ubon and the service was excellent. At the post office they wrapped it in bubble plastic (they charge for it) ... But of course this protection would not be enough for a harsh treatment.
    I would certainly do such a shipment again ... unless I see too many bad experiences posted here!

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