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  1. Ok its time for me turn back to UK after almost 7 months on the road. The only issue I have now is to find a reliable shipping agent in KL to box and shipp my bike for a reasonable price from Port Klang to Felixstow port in Uk or South hampton port .

    I really would apprecite if anyone could recommend an agent in KL .

    I know that there are thousands of them , but not many of them have experience with shipping bikes. One company even asked me If I still had the box and packing meterial from when I shipped the bike from Kathmandu to Bangkok???!!!

    Any help is apprcited
  2. Im not sure if you will find any forwarders based in KL that specifically specialise in moving bikes. I would however suggest that you approach the larger more internationally established ones to do the job.Yes, most probably they will be more expensive but you will have more chance of the bike arriving in one piece. Who ever you do use make sure that you are there to view the crating up process, dont leave it up to them.
    Not so long ago we used a Kl forwarder to move our personal belongings from KL to Chiang Mai and I went for the cheapest price . After being handled by several co-loaders when my goods arrived almost all of the 20+ cartons were damaged. Of course trying to get the damage reimbursed thru their insurance is like pissing in the wind. Its always everybody elses fault but theirs.
    Good luck

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