Shipping Bikes Overseas, To Australia And / Or New Zealand

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  1. RigPig

    RigPig New Member

    Hi guys / gals
    I am looking at shipping my 2 Harleys to Australia and / or NewZealand and was wondering if anyone has any current info on doing it. Getting them into Aus seems like a drama, but I think if I take them to NZ for a year it is easier. I could take one to Aus on a CARNET DE PASSAGE for a year, I don't think it will affect the rego and ownership time. I would just have to take it back to NZ after a year and reimport it.

    Most of the info I can find seems outdated.

    Thanks everyone
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  3. canthai

    canthai Ol'Timer

    Shipped my Dyna from Vancouver to Sydney in a SeaCan. $550.00. Biggest headache - and it was not that big - was to make sure the bike is clean. No foreign dirt, plant material, etc. No foreign wood which may contain insects or their larvae. Spent a day at Trev Deely where they let me use their pressure washer, removed front and rear wheels for access. Bike had not a spot of dirt anywhere. Into a steel crate, into the SeaCan. Arrive Sydney, inspected and passed with flying colors. Carnet good for one year - no issues.
  4. RigPig

    RigPig New Member

    That sounds good!!
    What about draining the fluids, especially the petrol (gasoline) and I guess maybe the oil. Was that an issue? Also what did you use for a crate exactly?
  5. canthai

    canthai Ol'Timer

    Must have fuel drained - I removed tank to make sure no mud/dirt was hiding there. Oils were OK to ship and enter Aus. I got the HD galvanized steel crate bottom when I bought the bike, as I shipped it from Vancouver to Yukon. Took that base, used 1"x .125 steel tubing and welded up hinged sides and ends, covered with steel I had left over from my shop roof. Remove 4 bolts, both sides and ends flopped down, push the bike out. Painless. No wood at all, so no issues with Aus import.
  6. RigPig

    RigPig New Member

    That's a good idea!! Did you fill the tank with water to negate any fumes?
  7. canthai

    canthai Ol'Timer

    Dried the tank completely after fuel drained out. Sprayed with fogging oil - use it to winterize two stroke engines and outboard motors when storing for the winter/summer. Sticks well, and protects the exposed steel of the fuel tank. A few spots of rust visible when it arrived, but nothing major. Kept an eye on the aftermarket fuel filter and no rust specks appeared - must still be in the tank !!
  8. RigPig

    RigPig New Member

    Brilliant!! Thanks for your help.
  9. Rodolfo Densmore

    Rodolfo Densmore New Member

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