Short Baht in Hot?.. Stay Wat,, 10 Baht

Feb 6, 2003
Well I'm gone. Departed CM on the 25 on flight to BKK, TYO, & USA.
Fortunely I didn't have to stay in Hot at a Wat for 10 Bhat but pressed on to the East. Will post a complete road report soon but for now I am in transit at Tokyo. Do regret not spending more time in CM however and being more social but I just had to hit the roads as much as I could.

Plan a return to CM again the first week of November in time for the fireworks and cooler weather and hopefully a longer stay of at least 30 days if not more.

Regards to all; David, Jake (who I didn't get to spend any time with) and Bob. And of course Pam.

[V]To go.