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  1. hi all ,

    just a short introduction of myself

    been reading , learning and enjoying the forum too long without any input , so will try to change it next time i get back in chiang rai
    ( november ) for about 6 months , doing so since 3 years now

    been riding motocross since 13yo and now about 20 years later and a mixture of bikes that have passed , my main activity on 2wheels is , ... , human powered , yes , mountainbiking , but ofcourse the old xr250 is still there to " keep the 'power' alive " ( nothing compared to my old CR500 , good times )

    so guys thanks especially for all the fun offroad story , i' ll start with my friends video

    /chamjulee#play/upl ... Jup0e3Iw0A

  2. Welcome here Ron!

    Have fun and don't hesitate to share infos...

  3. Hey Ron

    Welcome and if you hook up with Happy Feet,, you will get a good dirt fun,,im sure you have read them already,so one's again, welcome and go to bush,,see the dirt and have fun :wink:
  4. tnx all ,

    been riding alot of dirt trails around Chiangrai , mostly triangle
    Doi Chaang -Tha Ton -Mae Chan , but nothing on GPS yet

    better start using it in case my memory getting shorter , which i don ' t mind that much

    more fun coming in dry season , .. , when does it start again ?

    so happyfeet , you are in to mountainbike also , good exercise , mx control with your legs , same style Stefan Everts

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