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  1. ron

    ron Active Member

    hi all ,

    just a short introduction of myself

    been reading , learning and enjoying the forum too long without any input , so will try to change it next time i get back in chiang rai
    ( november ) for about 6 months , doing so since 3 years now

    been riding motocross since 13yo and now about 20 years later and a mixture of bikes that have passed , my main activity on 2wheels is , ... , human powered , yes , mountainbiking , but ofcourse the old xr250 is still there to " keep the 'power' alive " ( nothing compared to my old CR500 , good times )

    so guys thanks especially for all the fun offroad story , i' ll start with my friends video

    /chamjulee#play/upl ... Jup0e3Iw0A

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  3. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Welcome here Ron!

    Have fun and don't hesitate to share infos...

  4. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Hey Ron

    Welcome and if you hook up with Happy Feet,, you will get a good dirt fun,,im sure you have read them already,so one's again, welcome and go to bush,,see the dirt and have fun :wink:
  5. ron

    ron Active Member

    tnx all ,

    been riding alot of dirt trails around Chiangrai , mostly triangle
    Doi Chaang -Tha Ton -Mae Chan , but nothing on GPS yet

    better start using it in case my memory getting shorter , which i don ' t mind that much

    more fun coming in dry season , .. , when does it start again ?

    so happyfeet , you are in to mountainbike also , good exercise , mx control with your legs , same style Stefan Everts

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