Short loop 1317 > Huai Kaeo > 1252 > Thep Sadet > 118 > Back to Mae On

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  1. This is nothing new, just my little "backyard" loop. I did want to post as I found the way up the mountain to 1252 absolutely fabulous. The way down through Thep Sadet was terrible and dangerous. It seems like they took care of the road up to Jungle Flight, and let the rest go to hell. Lots of potholes, gravel, ruts, leaves.... Uggg. But still challenging and fun!

    Intersection with 1252. This is such a nice view after winding up the mountain for 20 minutes or so.


    Coffee harvesting time. It smelled so good. Where do they roast it? That is what I want to know!


    For some reason this is my favorite view in Thailand (so far). I just love the way those banana trees crawl up the mountain. There must be a stream through there. This was the first truly awesome sight I saw on my first mountain ride so I guess it is more of a personal thing for me. Thailand rocks!



  2. Good to see you posting & still enjoying your own back yard. I agree too Thailand rocks for good roads & rides - they are everywhere. Aren't we so lucky being able to live& ride here!

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