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  1. Does anyone know what has happened to Siam Racing in Pattaya? Drove past yesterday and today and it looks like they have ceased to do business?
  2. I have been Told that Scott has decided to "Pull the Plug" on this Business as You can well Imagine given the Current Environment in Thailand and what is Going on there is NO Market for Grey Imports :shock: Don't Expect to see The Shop open again, Hard to get a Full Report but i would Imagine that this will start happening to all Grey Importers or Bike Shops! Appears the Government Only wants Brand New Bikes from Legitimate Dealers which is a Fantastic Idea if they would Sell a Better Selection of Bikes instead of just Huge Cruisers and Super-sports Bikes which seems to be all that is offered here besides Kawasaki's KLX and D-Trackers :idea:
  3. I thought that might be the case, I was searching around Pattaya for a replacement exhaust for my carbed D-tracker yesterday and called into Nippon Bikes on 3rd road and Joe (the boss), told me that he had also stopped selling grey imports from Japan. So that is 2 shops in Pattaya, that have finished trading in big bikes imported from Japan. :(
  4. Happy days then, it means that no more peoples will be stiffed by that liar...
    Maybe he could start a career of real estate agent in Samui...
    I feel sorry for the guys who recently bought a bike there, as they will most likely never see their promised green books.
  5. Good Point about Samui Real Estate :wink: Amazing the Bunch of Scammers Covering the Island considering Farang aren't allowed to Do that Business!!! :shock: Of Course they are also Covering Just about every Other Business as well, They Should Fence it off and Start another Penal Colony there and they wouldn't need to Change to many of the Residence :lol:
  6. This is a unique moment I must confess that I was wrong. Sorry Monsterman You were right. Scott Horwarth probably is a con artist. There is a thread on Thai Visa

    and it is not nice reading.

    I tried to reach him but in vain,

    Anyhow quite interesting that there were no real "complains' about him on the Internet before. Only rumors, I've heard and my friend had problems.... and anyhow a person like Scott with his way of acting could make enemies even if he wasn't a con artist. It is also a little dangerous to "speak out" before you have any proof.

    And as You can see from the thread, many people came along with him, like I did.

    Maybe his financial problems were not only connected to the motorbike shop he was also involved in Thaibay internet auctions and Motor Trader Magazine.

    Anyhow now the shop is gone and Scott probably also. Pity if he had to leave is family here with all the problems. Hopefully he didn/t leave plenty of customers waiting for money or green books. Consumers are not supposed to take a calculated risk like investors, but of course it is a pity for them also.

  7. Interesting thread, reminds me of my lesson hard learned. A Thai might get into for a few baht it's the farrang you better be careful with.
  8. I was friendly with Scott when he first started out and he pumped me for good advice which he soon ignored and cut corners ...easy to see him as a wide boy trader....sorry for anyone who lost money...bikes or green books.
    HIKO you are a decent bloke and an old hand we can all be fooled ..I was ripped off in a real estate deal last year for 2m baht by an old associate and thats after being lucky in that game in Thailand for 10 years ..its a snake pit out there .
  9. Yeah well, what do you say...

    Don't be STUPID or get lulled into a false sense of security just because you are dealing with a farang. The farang cheats / con artists in the kingdom are just as bad as the local cheats / con artists.

    In fact I think that often the farang cheats / con artists are worse than the locals.

    You've be warned.

    Take care now - it's real jungle out there in the grey motorcycle import world!
  10. Yep my biggest loss 400K farrang involved, lesson learned I don't need to a second bite of the apple. We are lucky for we have a system to let it eachother know when things go bad and let the rest of us know to stay away.

    It's amazing I do not associate with any farrang that I met in my first month here. I'm grateful for Gtriders, we help eachother but it has nothing to do with money.
  11. Hi all, I met Scott once when Robert was looking at a KTM, (we just rode thru Cambodia) and were having a few days R &R.
    He definately would fit in Samui, I have been going there for the past 11 years, and even have a house there, with my girl.
    Over that time I have not made any long lasting friends, so I am getting out and going north were I have.
    Maybe I can sell him our house...
    Samui, Hospital Island, full of horse traders, gypsies and thieves, now how did that Cher song go?
  12. I've been told that he's got a new shop somewhere in Pattaya selling accessories and possibly kids ATV's. I can't swear to it 100% as the info came to me by way of 1 Thai telling another Thai who told me and I take much of what they say with a large pinch of salt.
  13. Well that was March 2010 so I would think He is out by now with Good Behavior? So Ready to go back in Business again? I am Sure there is Room for another one Back in Pattaya again! He had a pretty Big Bike Shop before! I meet Him a few Times when I was down there and He always seemed very Polite and Cordial to Me. Just never can tell who You are dealing with can You! A Few Guys I have meet from up here were directly involved with Him. One already made enough trouble and left but there are still a Couple sneaking around, Makes You wonder doesn't it?

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