Siam Superbike - History?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by wimpy, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. wimpy

    wimpy Ol'Timer

    People on another site are saying that Siam Superbike was closed by the police and the owner has gone missing with some customer's green books. [:0]

    Anyone here have further info?
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  3. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Don't know about the above, but I do know that Peter had listed his shop for sale on another site. Overall Peter is a pretty good guy and has a family here, I hope your info turns out to be rumour and not fact.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  4. wimpy

    wimpy Ol'Timer

    I can't comment about the accuracy of the info. People are talking about it on the Yahoo Group bkkriders.
  5. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Ok, the story that I am getting from a couple of "reliable" sources (not Peter) is that a long time employee stole some green books, cash and possibly bikes FROM Peter. In the ensuing pi55ing match and request for a police investigation, the police confiscated bikes from Siam Superbike that did not have green books.

    The shop is reported as closed but Peter, and family, are NOT missing but seem to be the victims themselves. None of this can be sworn to as fact, and is probably enough said on the board.

    Best of luck to Peter whatever the situation.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  6. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    I called into see Peter at Siam Superbike yesterday, Thursday. He asked if I could post an email on Bangkok Riders re the situation.

    Peter has asked me to say that he has closed his shop for about 3 months, due to the serious staff problems he has experienced.

    Dont want to say too much more, but he said he will try and let everyone know at a later date what is happening via his web site.

  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I think that poor old Peter may have been diddled by one of his ex employees, & when that employee was caught with his hands in the till the constabulary got involved to complicate the issue (the ex employee trying to flee the scene cried wolf?)
    So let's hope our good mate Peter gets sorted things sorted out satisfactorily & we can all get back to business as normal.....Peter we’re on your side mate, as we all know you’ve been honest & reliable with the GT Riders.

    Keep The Power On
  8. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Yes David

    That ex employee in now currently in jail


  9. BarryBBQ

    BarryBBQ Ol'Timer

    My guess is that the inmate's name starts with J and ends with M. I hope Peter gets a good (honest) crew together and can reopen the shop. He always manages to find interesting bikes to sell.


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  10. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Keeping a business running in Thailand is a heart-attack job, there are unnumerable and unbelievable problems occurring all the time - I admire someone who doesn't give up and invests his energy, creativity and money and who knows what else, again and again... and then sometimes has to deal with customers who expect service like they were at home...
  11. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    Best of luck to him, from the experiences of people I know it seems the usual Thai practice in law matters is innocent until proven Farang.

    BTW, he wouldn't by any chance be selling any of his stock on the cheap due to the present circumstances ? [:D]
  12. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    Me being one of the customers that have been ripped off by SiamSuper?Bike, I can tell you all first hand that I have been promised a book for the last year, and have not had 1 phone call from Peter to explain the situation nor apologise.

    In fact every time I either call him or visit the shop, I am made to feel like I am wasting his time. He must have been 'very' good to you blokes to deserve the sympathy that he is getting, but you should all know facts before you jump to conclusions.

    Last few days his phone does not get answered when turned on, then after I call it gets switched off.

    Acting like that is a good way to ensure ones self could easily go missing permanently.
  13. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    Many of us on this board know Peter. We have heard mostly good reports and some problems. Everyone may have opinions based on their own experience. Opinions are welcome, THREATS, veiled or not, are not welcome and totally childish and unnecessary.

    I have no idea who you are as I don't recall seeing anything you have done or posted. I would say that a post like this one forces others, myself included, to form an instant opinion of you. You are correct in your post... "you should know the facts before you jump to conclusions"..... You have not heard Peter's side, nor do you truly know the situation. Neither do I. I can understand being frustrated, as I would be in your position. Let's wait and see how it all works out, right or wrong. Keep your threats to yourself.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  14. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear that you think you've been ripped off & need to make (foolish) threats to someone whom quite a few of us feel has given (us) good reliable service over the years.
    My guess is that Peter’s been as much a victim as you have been and is certainly having to duck & dive for cover until the smoke clears. Whilst he was also the (49%) owner, we know that much of the time he was not there to supervise the work force and hence the usual “while the cat is away the mice will play” (51% local ownership) problems of hands in the till. Indeed he did not always have the full facts & has probably been screwed more than anyone, but we understand that he is endeavoring to sort things out. Unfortunately this will take time & wont be easy while so much heat is on, and especially with silly threats such as yours. Things need to be allowed to cool down so he can hopefully sort things out.
    By threatening people on the GT Rider board “mate”, you’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favours, only a disservice and I feel that you should be a lot wiser man than that.

    Last but not least, and it’s probably a silly question (you didn’t have a bike?), but in the last 11 months that you’ve been a member of the GT Rider board have you done any rides or got any tips / info that you could share with the GT Riders? All 5 of your posts so far have been request for info / advice.
    We like to get positive input contributions from board members, not only requests, bitches, sour grapes and complaints, as surely most of us have good experiences and enjoy ourselves here.

    Keep The Power On
  15. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    I actually have heard his side Silverhawk. 'All versions'. Originally when waiting for my book I was told that there was a wait because of a delay at the Department Of Land Transport with excess motorcycle taxi registrations. This then changed to the current story. Yes I said he has not called me once to explain nor apologise, however I have called him dozens of times I can assure you.

    Guys, read my original post again, I did not make any threat.

    Cheers all.
  16. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

  17. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    Would have to agree with you on this one.

    But this did not come across well.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  18. brat

    brat Ol'Timer

    Speaking this way is a good way to ensure ones self could easily get locked up for a very very long time!

    "growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!"
  19. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    Yep you're probably right Dave, looking back on it, it's an unnecessary comment and out of context of my post also.
  20. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    Did he threaten him ?

    I read it as he was pointing out what anyone with much experience of Thailand knows, that people who piss others off in business matters in Thailand have a bit of a habit of disapearing.
  21. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Let's leave it as an unnecessary comment and move on..

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  22. cement47

    cement47 Member

    Good Luck to Peter and his family. I bought my TDM from Peter and even wrecked it. It was Peter who came and picked it up and put it back together as good as it was before my bad luck. I've had the bike in for service and never had a problem.

    I hope he gets back into it.


    "what's behind me is not important"
  23. john

    john Ol'Timer

    Siam Super Bike is gone. I was in Bkk on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I was a Peters shop. It was cleaned out except for a few bits, Peter used to live upstairs. I talked to Peter a couple of times that day. It's a sad story. Peter has headed back to Australia. His wife and kids headed back to their home up north. As I understand it the employee mentioned is not in jail but he doesn't answer his phone. One of Peters employees has the records and books and is trying to sort out the problems. He is presently working on a book of mine. If you want to contact him contact me off board. John
  24. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    hi all,,trying to get hold of peter..think i used to work with him.many years ago..have tryed his e-mail,,but not working..thanks..........kev the kiwi
  25. Peter R

    Peter R Ol'Timer

    Doing business in Thailand is not for the faint hearted is it?

    The actual story is that I have had to close the shop, of my own volition, the police didn’t close it and I haven’t left the country, in fact, while I have moved my wife and daughters out into the country for reasons of safety, I am at the moment in Bangkok and I intend to reopen in the near future in a more secure format.

    Spot on Barry,
    Yes, Jum was the cause of the closure. For most of the first half of the year he was acting in his best wide boy style, so 5 months ago I got rid of him. Things went well enough for a further 2/3 months, Jum was continuing to sell bikes from his home, heard through the grape vine that he was getting into trouble by taking deposits, but not fronting up with the goods.
    Didn’t think much of it other than “that sounds true to form”. Jum had the brilliant Thai style business strategy, shift lots of bikes by selling them at 10% less than you brought them for.

    A couple of months ago I came back to the shop one Saturday afternoon to find 12 cops going through the place, they were searching everywhere, including my living premises, no mention of a search warrant here either. They didn’t come up with anything substantial other than a couple of customers bikes that had been restamped and incomplete set of business licenses. That was probably the permit to own a western toilet.
    These Thugs had my wife bailed up in a corner threatening all shorts of reprisals if we didn’t give them what they wanted. Jail for her, as the business owner. Deportation for me as I was working outside my WP description and our children “could” meet with accidents.

    Hard to believe from the boys who claim, “to Protect and serve”.

    The cops told us, If you let us take a couple of bikes we will forget all these indiscretions. By myself I would have stood my ground but when your wife is intimidated to the point of tears, it’s hard to do so. In the end the bastards took almost everything by one means or another.
    It came about because Jum had taken some substantial payments up front and when pressed for delivery, no bikes.
    These were all from well off Thai kids who didn’t take kindly to being ripped off. So they leaned on Daddy to ask his Police friends to “help”. To cut a long story short, the police were paid a few hundred thousand baht to recover the costs; As Jum had invested all the money on Gold chains, pickups with big shiny wheels, Mia Noi’s etc, so none to be had there, nearesst soft target was the Farang. That’s where they headed. Of course telling us a couple of bikes and it would be over was Bullshit; they came from all directions with all sorts of threats picking stock off as they could, all to repay Jums debts. Even my one loyal staff member left thought this was OK as all I had to do was get some more money from that great unlimited gold pot “overseas”. Truth is all my savings were invested in the business because it generated an adequate return doing something I loved; as well I made the mistake of looking after my staff well, good pay, bonuses at the end of good months etc. Of course all this does, in the Thai male mentality is raise their expectations for more.
    In the end I had to close the shop due to a stream of people to whom Jum owed money and goods to turning up on the doorstep with the expectation that they could obtain compensation from myself. I had a couple of high priced bikes hidden out at a friends place, way out in the country. While he was away in Iraq, Last week a Pick up arrived and the police lifted the bikes telling the maid that they were illegal imports, which they weren’t, but the registration books were locked in my friends safe, The number plates were removed from the pick up.

    I have not much left now, gone from a 6 million bahts worth of bikes and other assets in the business worth another 3 million to nothing in 2 months.
    Through the generosity of friends I have got enough together to take legal action against the Police and others, slow off the mark, but I had to organize my family’s safety first, if I do actually go MIA, There is a reason.
    As for Jum, he is in hiding out, he has written out (in addition to what he has knocked off me) 2.4 million bahts worth of dud cheques. He has a warrant out for his arrest.
    The only good dream I have these days is the one where I run into him whilst I am in possession of a base ball bat. Over the 5 years in business I have employed 16 people, 14 have been fired for thieving, WTF is wrong with these people?

    In a third world country, if you have assets and they gain leverage, kiss good by to your assets.

    In the future, I would make sure
    1. I have a retainer with a competent western Lawyer. My Thai Lawyer proved worse than useless.
    2. I would treat staff the way the Chinese business owners treat them. Our western concept of treating staff well in the expectation of loyalty, better performance is lost on these guys.
    3. Most importantly, I would never give them any opportunity for leverage over in my business at all.

    There is an upside, the main man in the rip off the Farang. Conspiracy was a guy named Beaver, he paid the police up front for the action but his mates in the conspiracy didn’t reimburse his “expenses”.
    Many of the bikes taken were not the sort they could sell, in other words they were aimed at the western market, so most of the are still stuck with them.
  26. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    The land of smiles huh, this is the very reason I for 1 would never set up business in the place.

    Like I said in an earlier post, in Thailand the law is innocent until proven Farang !

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