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  1. winston

    winston Member

    Does anyone have news about Peter?
    He announced to be back in Thailand in late January and he still has to deal with legal claims of some customers (including me).

    I will not forget my claim and I won't hesitate to press legal charges against him should he be "officially" back in Thailand and try to open a new business before my claim is satisfied!

    I don't know about other customers who lost their money and/or bikes but I'm really p...... and must say that it's simply bad style not to keep in touch, Peter!!!
  2. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    I empathise but one would think the better course of action would be allow him to restart unfettered, if in fact he wishes to. My understanding is that he was wronged just as much as any of his customers.

    After he has recouped some of his lost money, which I'm sure is more than yours, you can then attempt to recoup yours.

    Your idea although satisfying would be like of "Flogging a dead horse".
  3. solent01

    solent01 Active Member

    I agree with mike, but I would call it kicking a man whilst he is down, I'm sure you feel fed up with the situation winston, but try to give him a little more time to sort things out, as I'm sure he is an honorable guy, how will come through in the end, all the best.

  4. winston

    winston Member

    I agree to you to a certain extend that Peter suffered a lot and I am certainly not on a personal vendetta.

    The story is that I bought a bike from Peter (not Yum!) in late January 2006 and than ran after him for the registration for many months but he always told me that things took a while. In fact he never inquired why it took that long.
    Surely he would have noticed what was going on behind his back if he took care of my and others customers' complaints earlier.

    The fact that I am most p..... about is that he did not call me, never told me what was going on and never said "sorry".
    I ran into him when he clearing out his shop (with my spare sparts!),
    it was me who had to call him many times, run after him and sometimes he seemed not even to remember my case.

    For Peter he himself was the only victim, the customers were unfortunately affected by what someone did to him.
    Sorry, but that's not the way to run a business!
    He was always claiming his customer orientation and seperated himself from the rest. In the end this seems to have been only words.

    I can only repeat what I said before:
    The first thing he should do (must do!) is pay his deeds to his customers. I expect him to at least keep in contact with me (and the others) and tell me/us, how he is entending to do this until everything is settled.

    Of course I wish him best luck on whatever he wants to do.
  5. solent01

    solent01 Active Member

    A very frustrating time for all involved, I emailed Peter a few times May or June last year regarding the purchase of the Blue ZXR750 he had (and still has) on his web site, I thought it was a resonably cheap (for Thailand) fast bike, but I never got a reply, then after reading the threads about the problems involving SiamSuperBike, I am glad I never got involved. Good luck winston.

  6. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    My opinion is the guy needs to sort out all outstanding problems from his old business before he even thinks about opening a new business.

    What kind of advertising does unsettled matters from an old business make for a new venture, I certainly wouldn't buy a bike from him knowing full well there is a queue of guys still waiting to be recompensed from a long time ago.
  7. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    If you look on siam superbike website now, Peter has updated his latest report
  8. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    I also am using this board as a last resort to contact Peter. After dozens of unanswered emails and no contact phone number, it is obvious that Peters customers are not his first priority.

    Peter, if you do read this message, could you please leave a contact number, I have been told today by one of your employees (no not Jum) that if I want my bike registered, I will need to pay another 18,000 baht.

    Some form of contact is the least you can do for the customers that you have let down, and I hope you watch more closely any business venture that you may start again, remember you are the boss, and you are responsible (no finger pointing mate).
  9. winston

    winston Member

    Thanks merkamouse!
    Maybe we should connect our efforts to get our bikes registered.
    I am basically willing to pay for this, as long as the papers are o.k. then.
    If Peter is not answering soon and is not actively helping to achieve this I promise that I will pay a nice reward to anyone who is successfully helping me to get my money (170.000) back - and I won't ask how it will be achieved! Understood, Peter?
  10. desmomonstro

    desmomonstro Ol'Timer

    there is many peter in thailand ....
    Guys only few places to buy a clean bike .....
  11. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    Just echoing Winstons post, and wondering if anyone know's if Peter Reid from SiamSuperBike is back in Thailand yet? I'd be dead certain that Peter reads this forum regularly and would like to say that it's really poor form Peter, to behave in the way that you are, leaving customers out of pocket and not giving them any updates or even letting them know of your location. Acting like this will only make things harder for you when you get back here.

    Please contact your customers ASAP whatever your intentions are.
  12. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Whatever Peter's mistakes and/or faults were they apparently pail in comparison with what I am hearing has happened at Moto Zone.
    Stories of 40m bht missing and a wife who is trying to keep the biz going on the whiff of an oil rag.
    Caveat Emptor.
  13. tomdegerth

    tomdegerth Ol'Timer

    Rhodie, u dont know what u talk about. Motozone is very well alive and nothing has happened there. I know all about the "Motozone drama", and i know the owner too. So get back to aiming for Peter, he made me very pissed of before too when i bought my bike there, but i got my greenbook b4 he went down. Again, whatever u have heard about Motozone, its a big lie started by staff that got the boot.
    <img src=""url]
  14. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    If you do know then perhaps you can elucidate on the "Motozone drama", as a number of very credible people in the M/C retail industry are openly talking about large amounts of monies being stolen, the owner doing a bunk and the wife trying to hold it together with few remaining assets.
    I have neither met with nor spoken to a member of staff of MZ.
    I only hope that you are correct and it is just the rumour mongering of disgruntled former staff.
    My reasons for posting were not to take the attention off Peter and his attempts, if any, to make restitution; rather, to ensure that others don't get burnt by a similar Superbike fiasco.
    If you do know the true story of what is openly being talked about in the business and the biking fraternity, then you can only be doing a good service to both the owner and his customers by laying these rumours to rest.
  15. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Tom I think you have the img in brackets twice at beginning and twice at end should only ne once at each end
  16. berty_bkk

    berty_bkk Ol'Timer

    Can anyone elaborate on the "Motozone Drama"? Looks like I'm down 100K and no parts for my bike repairs.

    What is it with bike shops and robbing punters?
  17. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer


    A small world indeed. I was talking with Ian Slater (HHH) yesterday and he told me about your plight. Maybe as you are close enough, a visit to MZ personally with some pertinent questions would clear it all up. Also heard you are on Malborough Man's (Bob) quiz team. I won't be there next time but in a month we can have a beer.

    NSR Mike
  18. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Not withstanding any lack of contact with him, it would seem in Peter's (Siam Superbike) case that highly portable assets worth 400,000+ each on open display was like a bank keeping its money on supermarket shelves.
    In the case of MZ (if true) I think is partly because they tapped into a gullible group of consumers willing to lay down large amounts of cash as deposits. What a temptation. So they kept taking the deposit money on orders for new bikes. If true the guy made off with about $750,000. Maybe GT Riders will have a hard think and decide what they would do in a similar situation

    Where else in the world would one go into a bike/car/high end jewellery store and plonk down thousands of dollars as a deposit. My partner (business) once pointed out early on when we went to get some business cards. The vendor saw a farang wanted a 1000 baht deposit for a 2500 baht transaction. "That is more than the profit on the deal. If you give him that why will he do anything more?" Vendor was eventually happy with 300 baht.
  19. berty_bkk

    berty_bkk Ol'Timer

    That's me mate.
  20. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I dont know what has been happening at Motozone but A similar problem happened last year at a Pattaya bike business , Some thais blackmailed the wife of the owner into ripping off the business for 18m baht, she was arrested and is now in protective custody , some money has been recovered about 5m baht, and it seems the scammers were connected to the same network who helped rip off Siam superbike, I will bet that there is a Thai connection behind any ripoffs of farang owned bike business as some of the people concerned are Protected thais who are above the law.

  21. berty_bkk

    berty_bkk Ol'Timer

    Well I popped by Motozone today to find out what's going on and collect my TDM which was on sale on consignment (didn't want it being nicked ala Siam Superbike Style) the dodgy goings on there are not Thai related, the Thais working there were very helpful and very appolgetic for the fiasco that has occured.

    I hope they get back on their feet, and to my French friend, what goes around comes around.
  22. tomdegerth

    tomdegerth Ol'Timer

    Berty, you didnt see any farangs at MZ?
  23. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Ah, a bit of a waffle.....
    Yeah, you have to wonder if that perhaps the new guys (SS & MZ) on the block came up too fast, were making too much easy money, the other businesses were losing out, & so a lesson had to be taught about stepping on toes. It would not be the first time some new whiz-bang farang run bike import biz got in the shtye & subsequently had their fingers severely burnt (chopped off.)
    The grey import & rego of motorbikes is a carefully controlled well run racket & my guess is that those in control / heavily involved making money out of the import, sale & rego of the bikes would like to maintain the status quo & their slices of the cake. Newer bigger slices for other people would not be welcomed with open arms, but with knuckle-dusters eventually?
    Now with all due respect & IMHO, those guys hoping to get something out of Siam Superbike are probably flogging a dead horse. Good luck if you can get something significant back, but I don’t like your chances, especially when Peter probably has to keep a low profile for a long time to come - & not just from his ex customers. Yeah, Peter should probably provide some news from time to time to keep the pack happy, but more than likely it won't be good news to satisfy unlucky customers with valid complaints; so he avoids the issue. Most likely Peter will have to win the lottery to please everyone; so don’t hold your breath.
  24. berty_bkk

    berty_bkk Ol'Timer

    Didn't see any Farangs, they don't come to work till 12ish I was told.
  25. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer


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