Sidecar built in CM

Oct 17, 2006
Sorry, too many faces and names at the HU meeting.
One of you has been building his own side car, will be attached to a rather strong bike.
I'd like to know more about it, see photos etc.

Might be good for my collection, my wife SAO wants to built a side car museum for me on Phuket.
Mar 15, 2003

The motorcycle and sidecar ( I believe it is the one you are talking about) are being assembled at Joe's Bikes in Chiang Mai. It was there during the HU registration. I don't know the owner and I am not sure he participates in this site. Are you still in, or coming back to Chiang Mai? Stop in and if it is still there you can see it, and if not I am sure Joe or Tom will put you in contact with the owner.

Pikey; maybe you can snap some pics for Pico?


The guy who "commissioned" the outfit is an Aussie named "Geoff" and the bike is an 1100 Honda Shadow with a sidecar imported from China.

The outfit has departed and I think he is on his way to Samui now. He is an H.U guy but if he reads this, it would be interesting to hear a trip report.

Sorry but that's all I have. PICO, nice to meet you and a bloody big cheer for you to ride your outfit from Phuket. Hope you cure your belt troubles and have a safe trip back!

Cheers to all,