Sigma Jet kit installed on XR 250

Discussion in 'Technical' started by saxonator, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. It is always nice to gain a little power, especially when it is easy to do and not expensive. I ordered a Sigma Jet kit for my XR250L for about 30 US dollars. I had a friend of mine install the kit and now I am more then happy with it. I was thinking of buying a Mikuni carb to get more power, but this kit hasn't disappointed and is worse every penny. I only can recommend it, it was the best money ever spend, the power increase is amazing and it saved me a lot of bucks compared to the mikuni upgrade.
  2. Hi Rudi, how's the consumption after installing the Sigma kit ? I made the experience with some of my 'Dynojet' modified bikes that they then start to guzzle a lot, The DR650 was my favourite with the DJ kit stage 2 installed, used as much petrol as the FJR by then, so out with it again especially the short slim needle but kept the bigger jet as also did run with an aftermarket exhaust & KN airfilter, then consumption came down to around 5.3lts/100km, before 7.5........cheers, Franz
  3. I used to do 160 km until reserve, now I do just about the same 158 km, but I don't think it's due to the kit at all, it's more my driving, so over all I can't say it uses more gas then it did before, but the XR 250 are very economic anyway, I hope this helps
  4. I have to correct my last post, I thought I did 158 km with the new Sigma Kit installed, this is wrong, I checked again and the fuel consumption is better then before, I did actually do 180 kms yesterday, all off-road, I am very happy with the result.

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