Siinthai Nasty Accident

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  1. Unpleasant News

    Siinthai has had a very nasty accident in Phuket this arvo & is in ICU in Phuket.
    All his mates & friends are with him at the hospital in Phuket. Unfortunately the outlook is not good at all, so all our thoughts go to Simon & his friends in Phuket.

    If you need more info contact me for details.
  2. Oh boy!

    Our prayers are with him...

    ~ joko ~
  3. Simon,

    Hang in there mate - I realize that you can't read this at the moment but I still have lots of stuff to share with you. Love these frantic phone calls where things don't seem to work out but at end we both are happy that we got it working again.

    Prayers are with you and your family and hope things work out O.K.
  4. It is with deep sadness that I advise Simon Grant died today as a result of a bike accident on his Africa Twin. Accident occurred just after lunch , there was definitely no alcohol involved.
    We have just come from the Bangkok Phuket International Hospital and he was on life support in ICU, but to no avail. It appears that he broke his spinal cord and also no air. Details are sketchy at present but will post more when things unfold.

    Guys , please be careful out there. Noel
  5. A few brief details in

    1. The accident happened a few kms from Simon's house
    2. Simon was found laying on the road & taken to the nearest hospital, but because of his condition - severed spinal chord - he was immediately taken to Bangkok Phuket International Hospital.
    3. There was an impact on the back of his helmet
    4. Apart from one "scuff mark" on his arm, his body was unmarked.
    5. There was minimal damage to the bike. No evidence of a slide down the road.
    6. No real evidence of any impact with another vehicle & supposedly no other vehicles involved?
  6. I wonder if it was something as stupid as a big truck travelling to fast and to close and the side mirror or part the truck stuck Simon on the back of the head. But sadly unless some one saw it we will never know.
    RIP Simon.
  7. Very sad and infuriating - if it was a hit and run.

    A Thai friend of my wife woke up in hospital, remembering nothing. Those responsible just drive off over here!

    He was in hospital for months, the family struggling to pay the bills.

    Someone needs to have the accident photos analyzed. Him lying in the middle of the road indicates foul play. If he had fallen off, why didn't he slide into a ditch?

    Thai law should make leaving the sceene of an accident a really tough crime, which carried a 10 years' driving ban! :x


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