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  1. Hi Friends,

    Just again a simple and basic question on bikes in Thailand.

    I have been told that it is mandatory to do some official paper work if I ant to change the color of my bike in Thailand ?

    For me that's quite unusual as in my country -france- you can change the colour how you like (eg from red to yellow, even with some pink stars...) but it seems that in Thailand there are some papers to do.

    Does someone among GT-Riders communauty knows about it ?

    Thanks by advance for your answer.
  2. Basically you need to get your greenbook amended to note the colour change. Don't forget to have the insurance papers updated as well - especially if you want to go across the border.
    I am not sure where you go as I had K Yut do it for me.
  3. A friend of mine bought a CB400 on Koh Samui, when it was time for the annual renewal registration, he went to transport office, expecting everything to be okay.

    The transport office told him, that the green rego book says bike is blue, and you have turned up here with red bike. My mate had to change the colour back to original, (he later said he didnt like colour of bike anyway)

    Sometimes when I go to get annual bike check on Phantom, some of the garages refuse to give me the inspection certificate saying bike is listed as black. So even with my bike partly painted pink/purple I have problems. Never a problem when I lived on Samui, no problem up here in Chiang Mai, and there are enough garages in Phuket that do inspection without giving me any strife.

  4. Thanks Friends, for your answers, infact, if I decode it WE NEED TO CLAIM THIS CHANGE OF COLOR TO AUTHORITIES AND AMEND THE GREEN BOOK !

    For such small issues, I think it's better to be aligned with rules and not to risk any problem as Tropicaljohno's friend.

    At least I learned something today, thanks again !
  5. Yes - it can be done.
    I had the beamer painted white in CM.
    During this time K.Yut of Britbikes arranged it to be done.
    'Cos it was outside BKK where it is registered I needed to send VIN numbers shaded on tape down to the registration authorities.
    This was handled for me -for a fee of course- by a company that does this sort of work.
    Ideally I would have taken the bike into the office for a visual inspection of bike & docs. As I did not this 3rd party company oiled the wheels; but it was unnecessarily complicated by the bike being in CM and not available for inspection.
    Providing you do the paintjob in the city you have registered it in u should have few probs though it will inevitably be time consuming.

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