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  1. Rhodie

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    Mr Chan at M-Technik is rightfully well-known in helping GT Riders out in a fix or finding the unobtainable part at reasonable prices.
    Located just north of the PIE expressway in an industrial park it can be confusing at first.
    But on arrival the preponderance of GSs – R100, R1100 & R 1150s tell you you have arrived at the correct place.
    A stockist of Wunderlich, Touratech & GT Rider maps & shirts he is a must stop on any visit to Singapore.
    Mr Chan is a rider himself – has an Africa Twin in Phnom Penh at the moment and rides around Singapore on a DRZ650.
    He can arrange shipments to you in Thailand if needed.

    51 Ubi Ave 1, #05-08
    Ubi Industrial Park

    Singapore 408933

    Tel : +65 6844-8973
Fax : +65 6234-2773

    email : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Dainese & Gaerne Stockists.
    Have a large selection of heavy duty jackets that would be too hot in Europe! Their stock size ends at Large – though they will order lager sizes for those with a little added plumage – expect 2 months as they receive shipments by sea.
    Here’s the new Dainese Wave armour safety jacket 520SGD.

    1072 Serangoon Road
    Singapore 328178
    Ph + 65 6293 6440/ 6293 6092
    Fax: + 65 6296 9201

    Regina Specialties
    On Ian Bungy’s recommendation of “Best Bike Shop with the Best Range and Prices. I would Suggest Going Here first, don't be fooled by the Shop Front they have a few different Store Rooms and constantly run away to come back with what you want. Just Ask and You Shall Receive!!! I got everything from here.”
    I dealt with Doris who was really helpful.
    Give her a call if you know what you want and she’ll save you a journey.
    Regina Specialties
    No. 152 Jalan Besar
    #01- 01 Coyuco Building
    Singapore 208870
    Tel: 65 6295 5449
    Fax: 65 6295 5433

    Moto World
    Again one of Ian’s recommendations:
    “I wrote down what i wanted from this and ended up with Nothing, Out of Stock etc?
    They still have some Good Stuff like HJC Helmets amongst other things but the other shop is better.”

    Moto World
    89 Short Street
    Singapore 188216
    Tel: 66 6336 1126
    66 6336 8528
    Fax: 66 6336 0654

    LOOI’s Motor
    David Unkovich choice:
    “5 floors of gleaming motorcycles, accessories, parts & workshop!
    A great place to spend a weekend visualizing your dream machine and lifestyle.
    New motorcycles of all makes can be found on one floor while used machines pack another.
    There's also a whole floor dedicated for accessories and riding gear. The workshop occupies the ground level in front of a spacious parking lot.”
    I dealt with Ahmed who was really helpful and had some tasty new bikes in. He said they were moving away from accessories as they were carrying too much stock.
    The 2003 Honda Africa Twin was for sale at 12,000 SGD.

    Looi's Motor
    No. 55, Kaki Bukit Road Place.
    Tel: 67431072,
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  3. DavidFL

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    Yes. 3 cheers for Chan Kok Pyng at M -Technik.
    He has provided excellent service & parts for myself & several other GT Riders for many years now.
    In Sing Chan is renowned as the Africa Twin & BMW GS guru!
    If you're ever in Sing check out Chan & his shop. Or if you just need parts - email or SMS him for incredibly good reliable service.
  4. rene-s

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    A very good post Rhodie, thank you for this info, very helpful.
  5. monsterman

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    Also just around the corner from Jelan Besar road is Lavender road with several useful accessory shops and Ducati Singapore.

  6. Harry Sheene

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    Chan at M-Tech is indeed a good fellow. Got my BMW bit to me in Thailand. A very helpful fellow. Also I can vouch for Mr.Lee owner of Looi's Motors. I have known this gentleman for nearly 20 years now when his shop was in Yishun. He never let me down, and always is upi for a fair deal.....

    Thanks lads! :wink:
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    I'm weighing up the options of travelling from Cambodia to Bangkok to buy a new helmet and laptop or getting a flight from PP to Singapore to do same.

    I take a XXL helmet which dont exist in Cambo and Paddock and Red Baron in Thailand didnt have any last time I visited.

    Will I find a better range in Singapore ?

    How do prices compare to Bangkok ?

    I like the look of the Arai tx motard if the price is right.

    (For the laptop I'm leaning towards the Thinkpad X61)

    Whats the logistics like in Singapore, ie , getting around from Airport to reasonably priced hotel close to motorcycle shops and computer shops.
  8. Pauche

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    budget hotels like hotel81 starts from $70 per nite, clean and comfortable. its never 'too far' in singapore as the land is decently small.

    get can find loads of hotels in geylang area, which is about 15mins from bike shops in the town area.

    as for laptop, u can visit sim lim square or funan centre... singapore's IT mall. alternatively, prices of electronics are way cheaper in Hong Kong!
  9. Rustic Charm

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    I'm off to Sillypore on the 17th. I'll check out some of the above places as well as the Ducati dealer. I'll post some pics.
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Rustic Charm
    How did it go - find any new shops? Any new info / tips?
  11. Rustic Charm

    Rustic Charm Ol'Timer

    Let me get some pics from my mates camera and I'll post.
  12. E3L0

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    I go to Singapore 12-14/9/08 (missing the sodding Bira track day [and I've bought a fireblade especially]) and could do with picking up:

    power commander X 2
    power commander LCD Display ... r_LCD.aspx
    lap timing stuff (maybe)

    Where's best for these and how do I get there? Never been to Singapore before.

  13. dotcom

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  14. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that dotcom. I managed to grab a PC when I was in Singapore, though. Fairly sure my blade is not properly derestricted, mind, so I haven't dynod it yet.
  15. thaicbr

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    I have to say that the service from Chan at M-technik is superb. I only needed a tiny part (a mikuni main jet) but he sourced it for me and posted it to Thailand very quickly also it was not the overpriced crap we get here. Top Bloke.

    Actually it is taking longer for my Thai mechanic to fit the bloody thing than for Chan to send it ....... I suppose that's life in Thailand :D
  16. DavidFL

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    Yes indeed Chan Kok Pyng at M-Technik provides fast efficient service.
    Even Siinthai with his "new" Africa Twin darling is already impressed after just one trip on the bike.

    Use Chan & say you got his details from GT Rider & you will be looked after even more! A top guy + THE Africa Twin Guru for Southeast Asia.
  17. DavidFL

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  18. mussen

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    The antivirus program (Kaspersky 2011) has detected a ton of malicious scripts and trojan in the website above, anyone else had this?
  19. stonevedder

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    I bought my GT-Rider maps from Chan at M-Technik recently while in Singapore. He is also very prompt on replying to email queries, which is always a good sign of the level of service you can expect. :thumbup:
  20. VietHorse

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    Thanks for share. I have quite frequent visit to S'pore but not knowing those places before...

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