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  1. Hey guys,

    Am planning for the above road trip from 5 till 21 Dec 2008.. Just 2 TDM900s are headed up and any help will be much appreciated.

    My buddy and I would be riding thru Malaysia from Singapore, arrive in Hat Yai, take a train up to Bangkok. Hitch up another train to Nong Khai.

    From there, we hope to head into Laos by the first Friendship Bridge. Gonna go thru Vietiane to Luang Prabang and then down along the Mekong bypassing Thakhek, Champasak where we will enter Cambodia.

    In Cambodia, we hope to visit Siem Reap and then out via Aranyarathet.

    Crazy plan? Yeah..

    I hope to find out the following:
    -Cost of train rides for our bikes.. Can we buy the tix when we arrive in BBK?
    -How to freaking load our bikes into the trains?
    -The road conditions?
    -The must see attractions around the route?
    -If our route is too long for that short time.
    -Anyone has mapking m7a maps for Cambodia or Laos?

    But anyone has any other comments or recommendations, please share.

    Thanks heaps guys!
  2. Why Train? Why not ride all the way?
  3. asmania,,
    yes good trip..the road condition in loas is ok but combodia a bit bad..depand on which area...may u can get more detail in this web...
    first pls get permit latter from loas ambesy..stated where u wanna to travel....i thibng u will entre combodia through stung treng...
    i will be ride from 20dec to 4th january entre at mukdahan to southern laos..dam clour/stung treng kartie/p.phen and out at trat thai...
    happy riding bro :D
  4. Not crazy plan .... Easy to drive at that time.
    No problem at all. YES .... why go by train ???? Your MC is reliable ??
    Go by road on HWY no. 4 and 41 to Bangkok, Follow No.9 and no.2 .. , and you are quick in Nong Kai. Maybe 3 days , Thailand
    But , I am not sure, you can enter via the friendship brigde. Better you ask David for the best way to enter.. He knows all

    Have a nice trip.....

    Eddy Surat Thani
    This is the site to the Thai railway, you can get the schedules for the 4 different routes and prices. But not sure if every train provide cargo space for bikes. Have not done it personally.
    Try searching Singapore Bike Forum, read some trip reports of bikers doing that. But as someone has said, why not ride all the way?

    Wonder how is the situation between Cambodia and Thai?
  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks for your replies..

    A little update.. We hope to bypass the plain of jars and maybe the laos/vietnam border for photo opportunity..

    We will be riding up from Bangkok to Nong Khai.. We will still be taking the train from Hat Yai to Bangkok as busy (too) singaporeans, we gotta work on the 5th and plan to ride thru Malaysia at night. So with the train, we can catch 40 winks and might just save on fuel and accomodation costs.. =0)

    I heard the friendship bridge is open.. But the thai/cambodia borders might be a bit problematic.. But I reckon it should be alright cos we are from neither countries.. I dunno.. Called the Thai embassy today and they said it was good but I have not called the Khemers yet..
  7. According to info on this site you can NOT enter Laos via ANY Friendship Bridge with a vehicle with less than 4 wheels.

    The nearest border crossing is Bung Kan/Muang Paxsan, about 150 km East. However, if you need a visa to enter Laos you can't get it there, so I strongly suggest you get your visas at home before leaving.
  8. Ahhh... where can I see if the Friendship bridge is open to riders or not?

    I reckon we don't need a visa cos we are singaporeans and there isn't a need for one under the ASEAN agreement.. I guess us have it easier than most of you guys in this aspect.. =0)

    My buddy and I have already plotted our route, will update this thread when he emails me.

    BTW, can I just confirm if all trains running the state rail lines have cargo cars for us to transport our bikes?
  9. Ansmania

    You are correct regarding ASEAN Agreement, i just wish that all consulants would follow those as well, there is one cpl on they RTW and this is story what they had in Vientiane, LAOS Thai consulant.
    "Less inspiring is the Thai Consulate, where we need to apply for new visas. Already at 8AM there is a long cue waiting just for the submission of the visa applications, 2 hours for that one. The applications are collected together with the passports, pictures and photocopies of the passports. Then another line, this time we’re waiting for our name to be whispered by the lady-officer. There is no rush or whatsoever behind the glass, most of the time there would be only one lady working and this pretty slow. Another 3 hours for that one. Eventually, I hardly can believe it, it’s our turn. For 1000 Baht I receive a receipt and I’m told to come back the next day to collect the passport. Same story for Jane. The “only” disturbance is that the visa for Jane, as for a member of the ASEAN countries, should be free of charge. Knowing this, Jane refuses to pay the fee and, on the other side of the glass, the incredible unfriendly clerk, is refusing to talk to us anymore.
    Well, eventually we’re told to wait, not knowing for what and for how long. Several attempts later, the clerk spits it out that we have to wait for the boss, who is currently busy, doing who knows what…
    Back in the Consulate after the lunch break Jane gets her passport back without talking to the “boss” but also without a visa. The Thai Consulate in Vientiane must be the worst organized and the most unfriendly consulate I’ve ever encountered.
    Me, I have to come back the next day and spend another few hours watching the useless office clerk searching for the passports of every applicant. I just can’t stop swearing" ... php#003347

    So prepare your selfs for this in advance, i think it would be good idea to print out that part from Asean agreement and If facing problems sjow that to the officer in the desk,just to make them realize that you know what they should follow..
  10. Northern-bound trains from Hatyai to BKK should have cargo cars. A little trickier is whether you'll have space for both bikes in cargo and if you prefer 1st class berths for the night, whether you'll get these too. As I found out to my dismay, weekend trains are usually full of people and goods. Plan for this contingency and prepare to ride up otherwise direct to BKK (as I did). As for getting your bikes on the train, ride your bikes directly onto the platform. Stewards in bright pink shirts will load the bikes up onto the train but all gear need to come off first. Can't recall how much tickets were though. Should you get tickets and cargo space, there are hourly-rate hotels near the station to wait it out at.
  11. Or alternatively, and fighting for can also load yr bike up onto the overnite Transporter/Lorry/Pick Up service. The price is also about that of the train...approx Baht2000-2500 to somewhere near BKK, e..g. Bang Po.

    Sleeper in the train is approx 900Baht...Assuming you catch the 6.30pm train, You get to have a full nite sleep when you & the Lorry get to north by 8am. to Bang Po railway station.

    Cost wise, fuel price work out more or less the same. BUT you will miss the adventure of the ride from south to BKK...

    Ride Safe.
  12. Hey Bro, I'm heading up on the 28th. What speed are your riding? able to join?
  13. Hi I'm Riding Up with 2 other Frens from Sin - Hatyai then take train to BKK... however I will be on my own till 14th....

    skyrunner> Bro U fr Sin...PM me ur contact.. Cheers
  14. Hey dudes from Singapore coming up, its a really nice ride.

    Singapore Hatyai, no prob.

    Hatyai to BangKok, no prob. Thanks to James, th KTM dude, who cgave me an easy intro to Thai Riding I'm having it easier.

    To Bro Ansmania, Bangkok city is safe but difficult to navigate. Some roads are blocked, take care. Also, just a tip for the bike transport, its 1380 + 500 for tips. Collection at Bang kok is free.

    Once out of bangkok, its easy ride all the way.

    I'm now in Mae Hon Son and this place is pretty but I got to leave for Chiang Rai tomorrow.

    Bro Don Didie, if you are in Chiang Rai give me a ring, I shuld be heading into Laos via Chiang Kong.

  15. AHhhh.. hey guys,

    Have been sometime since I last came back here; have been busy with my new old car.. =0)

    Anyway, due to the conflict in Bangkok, we have decided to get off the train 1 stop before Bangkok and bypass the capital altogether and head straight into Cambodia.. So essentially, we will be doing a anti clockwise loop instead of a clockwise one before..
  16. Bro> I dun hav ur no....btw Sigh... I just reached Chiang Mai...and my clutch cable stuck..I did not bring any spare as I've forgotten bout it..due to jus change...Any one can Help me pls call 08 36586011(Thai No.)

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