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Jan 25, 2004
its all go when you hit the shores of singapore the most enjoyable part of singapore is the nightlife and food it has to ofer but really the roads here are so clean and smooth you could eat off of them next it was onto malaysia were the highlight is definatley the cameron highlands this being a tea plantiation and roads that dreams are made of it is a must go for anyone overlanding throughout se asia the roads in malaysia are not needed to be explained as the mapping and general getting around is very simple as long as you keep a cool head onto thailand were the south has little to offer were i road through bangkok traffic and survived and road on to cambodia in thorough the poipet region here is the most eye openining border i have seen in my life poverty everywere i road through to angkor wat were the roads were in good condititon wich was back in febuary for more info on the ride go to Link removed