Singapore - Motor Insurance For All Thai Vehicles No Longer Available At The Checkpoints

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  1. Ok, the information is quote old (Mid 2015) but it took me by surprise today at the border.

    I am traveling from Thailand on Thai registered bike, which I am the owner of, to Singapore. I intended to enter SG from Malaysia at Johor Bahru - Woodlands border crossing.

    I prepared for the trip, did the online research, a lot of useful information got from this forum. I got the information that the insurance I have for Malaysia is valid for SG as well. I got that insurance at the Thai - Malaysia border, on the Thai side. I asked the guy at the agency, is it valid for SG, he said it is not, and I need to get the insurance for SG once on the Malaysian - SG border. Ok, no problem.

    I exited Malaysia without any problem. On the first checkpoint on SG side, it was immigration officer checking the passport. I needed to fill arrival card and I was cleared to pass. In front of me, there was a gate and I needed autopass card to go through. It is issued as vehicle entry permit for foreign vehicles, but it is also used as a way to pay tolls inside of SG. I knew before about autopass card and I knew it is required. Because it was my first time to enter SG with my own vehicle and I am yet to obtain the autopass card, the lady let me through. On the second checkpoint, they were checking the bikes and the luggage compartments. I guess that is customs. I got through without any checks, just pass by the officers. Right after the second checkpoint, there is an office, on the right side, that issues the autopass cards. I stopped there, went inside, filled the form. I gave them all the documents they needed, after which they asked me for the insurance for the bike. I showed them insurance for Malaysia, it was not valid. I asked them where I can get the insurance, to which they replied that the only company that can give me the insurance is India international insurance, located in SG. And they work from Monday to Friday. There was not much that I can do. Even if it was working day, I needed to go back to Malaysia, and come back with insurance. I waited for about 30 minutes, and the police officer escorted me back to Malaysia. We went through a bunch of locked gates and stopped at the immigration to get the exit stamp in my passport.

    Now I am in Johor Bahru, waiting for Monday. I hope I can finish everything online, that I don't need to go in the office in Singapore, and then come back for my bike in Malaysia.

    I will keep you posted.

    I am not surprised that Thai guy gave me wrong information, but I am surprised how I did not came across, online, on anything about this update, which is more than two years old now.

    Here is the paper they gave me, with all required information. Btw, my email to the email address on the paper was rejected. I found another contact at company website ([email protected])

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  2. Good update. Many thanks.

    How was the ride down - everything ok?
  3. Everything ok so far.

    I will create a trip report with more useful info and pictures as soon as I find the time.
  4. On Monday morning, around 9:30 AM, I got the email from the insurance company. They sent me this link India International Insurance Pte Ltd. The application form on the website is straightforward, to apply I needed to upload the English version of the vehicle registration (Green book), input license plate number, contact details and to choose the dates between which I want the policy to be valid. The payment is done online with Visa/MasterCard and as soon as the payment goes through they send the policy which you can then print and present at the checkpoint.

    After doing all that, I head back to the Woodlands checkpoint. Again, I exited Malaysia without a problem. I did not mention in my previous post that on both Malaysian and Singaporean side there are separated lanes for motorcycles, cars, busses... On the SG side there are many gates for motorcycles, and they are separated into two lanes. So when you arrive you can go left or right. The first time, on Saturday I went left. There was an officer checking the passports and I got the stamp there on the gate. Now I went right. Without any reason. There is a sign pointing right, saying something like auto process, but it all happened fast and I end up trapped on the checkpoint with the gate behind me and in front of me. But this time, nobody to check my passport and let me go without autopass. The officer came and opened the gate, and escorted me to the immigration office. It was a bit more hustle, I pushed the bike around for a while, but I thought everything will be fine because I have all the documents now. But it was not, they asked for Carnet the passage. I did not have off course, and they rejected me again, the second time. They gave me the phone number where I can get more information about the Carnet and told me to come when I get it. This time I did not get the entrance and exit stamp, so they gave me one paper saying that I was rejected and I needed to show that on Malaysian side.

    When I arrived at the border on the Malaysian side, I gave the passport along with the paper, and they asked me to park the bike and fallow them. I followed few people from one office to another for about 30 minutes. Whenever I asked, is everything alright, they said ok please wait. After 2 more hours of waiting, they returned my passport with a bunch of papers. I asked what is it about, and they told me that I have 14 days to leave Malaysia and I need to exit to Thailand only. I was shocked. Nobody was telling me anything, and all of a sudden my trip to Singapore becomes impossible because I need to exit from Malaysia to Thailand. I did not except that, wanted to see the supervisor, and have the explanation. The problem was, they did not know the reason why I was rejected, and they did not know that I have a Thai working permit, and they assumed by looking at my Serbian passport that I will go back to Serbia, so wanted to send me back asap. Not sure why they required me to exit to Thailand, I guess they did not want me to try Singapore again. I explained what is the reason I got rejected and I got the apology but nothing else. They can't undo what they did.

    After I got out, I called the contact SG guys gave me and ask about the carnet, I was told that they do that only for SG register vehicles. So that was the dead end.

    The thing could not get any worse so I decided the take a risk and head to the second checkpoint. Ignoring that fact that I can't leave Malaysia to Singapore and the fact that I don't have carnet. The second checkpoint is much smaller. I was able to exit Malaysia without a problem, luckily. On the SG side, there were no gates with human officers, everything was automated an I got escorted to the immigration office. I explained what happened on Saturday, that I could not get in because I did not have insurance, now I have it. I did not mention my second attempt. They looked at my passport, bike registration, the insurance, trying to figure out if everything is ok. She then asked, do you have carnet. I said no. I thought that was it, I am done. But she continued to ask about the insurance. She called few officers from Land transport authority to verify if I can get the autopass. She did not want to stamp my passport without a green light from them.No more mentioning about the carnet. I walked with them into their office, nobody was sure, but I did have all required documents for autopass. After a while, they make the conclusion that I can get it. The head lady there told me to go to get the stamp at the immigration and stop for autopass. I saw, through the window, big sigh SINGAPORE and the smile appeared on my face after 6 long hours. I got back at the immigration, but they were still not convinced, and after few minutes the brought back the carnet question again. They did not want to let me go without it. Eventually, they asked me about my second attempt, and I was honest and told them I wanted to try here without the carnet. They rejected me, third time.

    They gave me the paper again to show on Malaysian border, but this time I kept it hidden and gave only the passport. To my surprise that worked, they did not see that I don't have exit SG stamp and they granted me entrance in Malaysia.

    To sum it up

    Motorcycle insurance issued by Singaporean company is required to enter Singapore on Thai registered bike
    The insurance can be done here India International Insurance Pte Ltd
    Carnet the passage is required to enter Singapore on Thai registered bike
    If you wanna try to get in without the carnet, go to Woodlands checkpoint and keep left lane
    If you got rejected, don't show the rejection paper on the Malaysia border. You can always give them if they ask for it

    I will look more into the carnet and keep you posted. My hopes are not high, I think the carnet needs to be issued in the country where the vehicle is registered, and I don't think they even know in Thailand what carnet the passage is.

    If somebody have any info about the carnet please share.

    I haven't tried anymore, I was already in the system as being rejected for not having a carnet so there is no way for me to slip through without it.

    I wanted to follow up more about the carnet and to get official info, whether is required or not. It might help somebody in the future.

    This is the official web page of Singaporean land transport authority, with the list of required documents for foreign vehicle to enter Singapore and carnet is on the lists

    Foreign-Registered Vehicles | Driving In and Out of Singapore | Roads & Motoring | Land Transport Authority

    However, I called the Automotive Association of Singapore ( and they were surprised to hear that I was denied for not having the carnet. They told me that SG immigration should not ask for the carnet for Thai register vehicles.

    I sent the documents to AAS and they forwarded to SG customs and asked for the explanation why I am rejected.

    After few days I got this answer


    Dear Mr Alex

    Thank you for your patience.

    I have sought clarification with the immigration at Tuas Checkpoint. They have resolved the issue of your motorcycle clearance and carnet requirements. You and your Thai vehicle are cleared to enter Singapore so long your immigration and vehicle requirements are met.

    Do contact me if you wish to travel to Singapore again with your Thai motorcycle. I would like to assist you in the checking if you have the relevant documents for your vehicle before you enter Singapore.


    The contact email is [email protected]
  6. That worked out well. Been there a few times with the Dyna. Never needed a Carnet before, and am glad I still will not need one for next trip.

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