Singapore Motorbike Gear shops near Sim Lim Square

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  1. Here are a couple links to shops I found near Sim Lim Square area. Prices were SG prices, but there were some bargains.

    This shop at 45 Deskar Road had a big selection and if I was a bit smaller I could have had a wonderful chest protector for 30SGD.

    Also, saw this shop on Bencoolen Road walking toward Sim Lim from the Deskar shop. They had a nice selection as well.
  2. Yes they are Great Shops! I have brought a lot of Gear over the Years from Reginas and also MotoWorld. If You are in Singapore it is worth Buying there as it is a lot Cheaper compared to here in Thailand. Not as much Tax & Duty.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Ian. As a new rider I really don't know the price comparison stuff. This is good to know as the shops had a great selection. They were pushing to sell some of the older gear at a discount.
  4. Hi JB,

    Paddock in Bangkok are also the Alpinestar distributor for Bangkok.
    They told me before they opened the Alpinestar shop the prices would be the same as Singapore.

    I checked some gloves and another item and the prices were the same if not slightly cheaper..

    Have a look at the website as even if only a little more expensive.. Saves wiating for a trip to Singapore or the cost and possible tax getting any gear in to the country.

    Agree great shops around that area in Sarengoon Rd. Nice to compare what is on offer and and get ideas and compare prices.


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