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  1. Hi guys! I am planning to do a trip from Singapore to Thailand and into Cambodia(to Siem Rep). Looking at the possibilities of riding around Northeast Thailand after exiting Cambodia, and if time permits, hopefully can get into Laos. I am looking at a time frame of 16 days from 23 Dec to 07 Jan.

    Any valuable advises on the route/ recommended stopovers/ accomodations/ attractions are greatly appreciated! [8D]
  2. Hi

    This is my day to be polite and as Silverhawk said; not "Flame" the guy. Pauche - If you take a moment and go to "search" in the top right of this screen and type in what you are looking for you will find page after page after page after page of excellent info. And try search for Silverhawk who replied to more or less this same question just a couple of days ago - he suggested going to "search". He also said that after you have done your own homework and have a better idea of what you are really capable of doing within your time frame and wants, then come back to the board and ask some specifics.

    A quick note on 16 days - it's three days up to Chiang Mai and three days back and to ride just a portion or two of Northern Thailand deserves more then ten days. Maybe you might want to go to Chiang Mai, buy a couple of David's maps (also found in "search")and take it from there... No matter where you go, you will have a blast, it's ALL good riding and good fun - but please do some "search" homework on your own first.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll do a search within the forum to gather more info. For a 16 days trip, in other words, it would be better off with just SIN - THAI - CAM - THAI - SIN?

  4. Pauche,

    Please do the "search" and many things will be become very clear.

    Remember you lose time each time you cross a border - Cambodian border crossing can be quick and easy and less then quick and easy depending on where you cross and the temperment of the moment with whome you are dealing - do the "search" and you will see many postings regarding this matter.

    Also, as David Unkovich the owner of this web site reminds us (which I and my wife some times fail to do) is we should try for fewer miles and more time really soaking up the local culture.

    My wife and I suggest since you've only ten days of actual time up this way, is for the ten days to be spent in Northern Thailand. But everyone has different ideas, so in the end - do a "search", come this way and grab a map or two. They are easy to find in many places in Chiang Mai and then go from there.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
    2up on an 1150RT and 650 Dakar

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