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  1. I am looking for advice from seasoned long distance riders to help prepare me for my longest motorcycle trip to date. I am departing from Singapore on May 25th, heading up to the Golden Triangle on my V-Strom 1000. I join my biking buddy and his Harley in Pinang on the 26th and from there we travel together to the GT. I have been riding bikes for 28 years, including 10 years in Singapore and Malaysia and would classify myself as having a reasonable level of riding proficiency and at least average street smarts.
    [hr] Given the background information above, my questions/concerns are:
    1. Top ten 'must see' events or sites during the trip.
    2. Top ten things to stay away from during the trip.
    3. A concern about my friend being able to maintain a reasonable speed (120 KMH) for hours a day with no fairing or windscreen. (He, like myself, is not a hard core long distance rider.)
    4. Expected road and weather conditions.
    5. Is a Carnet and Thai insurance really required for Thailand? I have seen different messages on this subject.
    6. Average speeds that are achieveable at different stages of the journey without paying off the Malaysian and Thai Police every 50 KM.
    7. For those of you that know the V-Strom, a list of spares/tools that you would take - based on your experience.
    8. I do not like the V-Strom gearing (17/41) for Singapore and I am thinking about changing it to 17/43 or 17/45. Would you leave it alone for the GT trip?
    9. Top five mistakes made by new long distance riders.
    10. Recommended bike to bike comms system.
    11. Other thoughts?

    Thanks, in anticipation.
  2. Reading through your website I see that many of my questions have already been answered. Oh well, if in doubt, read the instructions...
  3. Hi Proddy,

    No.11 Other thoughts: With all respect...get un-organized, relax and just come do it. One great road will lead you to another and those that are less interesting will still lead you to others that are a great ride.

    All other questions need Not to to be worried about.

    But it will be hot and possibly wet somtimes, but that's not new/differnt for a Singaporean anyway. [:D][:D]

    Smile, chill and enjoy.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  4. Hi Proddy, i'm from S'pore. From wat i've been thru last year to GT u need lots of water to drink possible get urself a camel bag, it helps a lot. Anyway i can loan u my map if u want. Call me 94518437 Kamis.
  5. Thks for the replies. As you can see I am new at this long distance stuff so maybe overly concerned without good reason. I still want to plan the trip to catch the 'must see' locations/events. Any help in this area is appreciated. I have a Camel water pak so I'll add it to my list to take.
  6. Proddy,dich the camel back for water, an fill it with Chang[:D]
    Call in to see the longnecks at May Hon son, bring a swag of goodies to give away, things like lippies an nail polish, hit up some of your girly mates/friends they usualy have heaps tak'n up space in the bathroom, scoop up on the hotel soaps an stuff on the way, you'll be a champian to them.
    Regards Scott
  7. Thks Scot. Will raid my daughter's stuff at the appropriate time. Still looking for a list of the must-see stuff. We are trying to complete the whole trip in twelve days and I am riding from Singapore so I see the schedule being tight. Just don't want to miss the best sights.
  8. Contact a rider named Phuah - a member of this board. He lives in Singapore, and does a long distance tour every year.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  9. Just done a three hour ride to Malaysia to test the bike and get comfortable. Left hand was tingling pretty bad. Anyone know of any better grips to dampen out vibration? Also looking for some higher and more swept back handlebars. Where to buy in Singapore?
  10. Just give me a call (HP:97214195). I might be able to provide you some information.

  11. My thanks to BobS for the suggestion. A chat at the coffee shop on Friday night with Phuah was very informative. I am starting to relax and feel comfortable about the trip.
  12. You're welcome, Proddy. You can buy the beer in Chiang Mai.

    Have a good trip.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  13. proddy,
    nice to hear u tripto GL..can i joint u..if i not ride to Kummning end of this april
    currently i am using zrx 1200 naked bike..
    Just for ur info one of our member is in Vietnam after
    past through laos/combodia/thailand..its Mr Murphy from Spore ...
    ok proody hv nice day and ride

  14. Proddy,
    Nice to hear ur trip to gltriangler..
    currently i am ride ZRX 1200.Can i joint u, if i not
    ride to Kummning this end of April...
    Anyway just for info on of our friend MR Murphy from Spore is in Vietnam after his trip to GL/LAos/ msg from him this morning..he will back on WEDnesday.

    cu u and nice ride bro.

  15. No problem for me with you joining us - the more the better. I am meeting my buddy in Pinang on the evening of May 25th. I cannot commit to him putting you up for that night but other than that you are welcome. I need to confirm with my buddy that he has no objections but I don't forsee a problem. We intend to have Chatterbox bike-to-bike comms systems, for your info.
  16. Hi burnjr,
    Can you get your friend (Mr Murphy) to share with us how he managed to go into Vietnam with his bike?
    I am interested to know.

  17. burnjr:

    Confirm ok for you to accompany us. Let us know.

  18. Proddy
    How's the trip going?
    Are you guys around in the North of Thailand at all?
    Look us up at the Jai Yen when you are in Chiang Mai.

    Keep The Power On

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