Singapore to Sisaket - Homeward

Aug 3, 2004
Trip Report – Singapore to Sisaket – Homeward.

Contents; Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Gear, Philosophy, Statistics.
Day 1
5959 Skudai – E2 - Kuala Lumpur (Kajung)
5959 0830 Dep Skudai 5.51L Full Tank
It’s good to be back on the bike again after a couple of months away. This is Day 1 but the return journey really started when I left Raffles Hotel on the bike and rode back to Jahore after completing the outward journey on May 5. I had the oil changed yesterday and used some French “Motul” synthetic which the Chang recommended. I have been keeping in shape on the bicycle along the foreshore near my house in Brisbane so feel ready to go.
6178 1130 Ikro 8.55L
6283 1300 Kajung Lunch
Just an easy run to KL to get back into the pattern and then stay overnight with friends at Kajung which is on the South Eastern outskirts of KL. I purchased new Dri rider gear in Australia and will be interested to see how it stacks up.


Photo-“For Wimps”

Day 2 Kajung – E2 - E11 – E1 – Kayu Hatim/Sadao – 4 – 43–{bypass Hat Yai}– 4 –Patthalung.
6283 0830 Dep Kajung
Before I left KL I wanted to catch up with Burn Jr who had written a few notes. I spoke to him on the phone for a while but unfortunately couldn’t meet mainly because of my tight time schedule.
I followed the E2 north and skirted the city to the West around the E11, finally clearing the outskirts after an hour in peak hour traffic. Now a clear run to the border up the E1
6471 1114 Awan 10.83L. The red light came on at 6422 so after 49km with the red lt on I chickened out and ducked off the highway to a small town where I had a snack and fuelled up. Tank capacity on the Phantom is 11.2L of which 2.68 is reserve. It turned out to be the right decision because it was another 10km before the next Servo and would have been close. No trip meter on the Phantom, a real nuisance.
6734 1430 Guru 10.78L This is getting to be a habit. The red light came on at 6697 and after 37 km I got off the highway and fuelled up again and had some lunch also. This time I would have made it because 2km later there was a servo – not worth the risk. Having said that if you were able to choose somewhere to break down the Malaysian E1 or E2 is the place to do it. It is like a country of its own with its own staff,uniforms, tolls, maintenance and cleaning gangs, and regular patrols. Nothing encroaches on except by designated exits and entrances. Bit of a shock to get back to Thailand where even though the roads are good, community life sort of spills onto the highway.


Photo-“Priority Lane”

6821 1630 Kayu Hatim/Sadao Immigration
Immigration was smooth both sides and the only Customs requirement coming back into Thailand was that they took back my copy of the “Simplified Customs Declaration Form” they had filled out when I exited, thankfully that was it ! Enjoyed a cool Pepsi & ice and observed 5 school kids on a motorbike and knew I was back in Thailand. I asked a guy what the name of this town right on the border was and he said Dahnok. My map says Ban Khlong Phruan. Clocks back to 3.30 gained the hour I lost in May. It was still only 4pm so I kept going.
6970 1845 Patthalung
6975 9.20L B240. I only paid B220.00 for the same amount of fuel on the way down.
Stayed at the comfortable Patthalung Thaihotel, Disara Sakarin Rd ph 074 611797. B240.00. Secure covered parking. My favourite Krapow Gkai dinner, a cheap haircut, an ice cream, a ride around town and ready for a good sleep. Feels good to be back in Thailand!

Day 3 Patthalung – 41 – Chumpon – 4 - 35 – Bangkok-Junction 35 & 9 – 302 - Nonthaburi.
6979 0630 Dep Patthalung
7201 0900 9.81L Near Surat Thani
This is my biggest day because I want to be in or near Bangkok tonight. For the first hour this morning I am riding through fog with visibility down to about 100m. No rain but droplets forming and then blowing off my visors. Unexpected at sea level and quite cool.
7301 1030 Bfast
7433 1202 10.27L. Forgot to oil the chain last night so I did it now knowing most of it would end up on my wheel.
Around 2 Near Chumpon. On with the wet weather gear for the first time. It worked well and an hour later all was clear so I took it all off.
7605 1433 7.57L
7705 1600 Petchaburi. Rice. dep 1623
7807 1800 Arr Bangkok Outskirts. Junction 35 & 9.
6pm Friday night in the middle of a thunderstorm is not the smartest way to enter Bangkok for the first time on a M/C, but that’s how it happened and I stopped recording time at 6pm at the intersection of Hwy 35 and Ring Road 9. It had taken 1.5 hrs to do the 102km from Petchaburi in the rain and on the roughest surfaces on the whole trip, with a stop to don the wet weather gear again. It was 8 30 and 45km later that I found a suitable hotel spending 30 minutes at one point without moving at all and getting sweaty in traffic in the wet weather gear.
7852 2030 Arr Hotel.
Stayed at the Racha Mansion 44/6 Moo 11 Tiwanon Rd, Nonthaburi. Ph 02 968 8910 28. Basic B300. Air. I felt like a cowboy tying up to the hitching rail under cover out back.


Photo-“Hitching Rail”

Day 4 Nonthaburi - Tollway – 9 – 1 – Saraburi - 2 – 24 – 220 – Sisaket
The reason I went into Bangkok was to meet some people. In 1967 I was in the NZ Army and part of a team building a road in Mahasarakham. My boss at the time and long time close friend was on his way through from a holiday in Italy so I met up with he and his wife and some Thai members of the project for breakfast at the Lakeside Eastin – up market for me and very pleasant.
7852 0630 Dep Racha 8.82L B220
7870 0940 Dep Eastin.
Final Leg. Managed to find the Tollway quickly and straight to the toll booth before Ring Road West 9. (When I got back here someone suggested to me they didn’t think motorcycles were allowed on that Tollway ?? The fellow at the toll booth just waved me through)
8043 1145 Pepsi with a view overlooking the lake near Pak Chong.
8119 1245 10.70L B270 Chok Chai. Lunch. Red Lt came on at 8119. Now back on a single lane road and it really slows things down and is a lot more dangerous. After all the dual roads I had almost forgotten what it was like to have vehicles coming towards you in your lane while overtaking and flashing their lights. I have to confess to giving a couple of them digital directives. There is a theory on lanes. They say that in Thailand there are many people and not so many roads so no one person can actually “claim” a lane. They are there for everybody to share ?? It certainly seems that way on a motorcycle.
8335 1600 10.23L B270 Near Khukan
Home stretch and turned the wick up a bit. The Phantom will now do 130kph which is up a bit on when it was new and fast enough for me through most of Thailand. No hills round here though and no pillion.
8404 1700 Arr Sisaket. 3.94L Full Tank.



Throttle rest. This is just a simple plastic grip that wraps around the hand throttle and has a small ledge that the heel of your palm rests on. It is the greatest device because you don’t have to maintain a tight grip and can free your arm to change position on long distances. Not so good around town.
Lambswool Seat Cover. This allows air to circulate and doesn’t build up heat like the vinyl seat. Much cooler to sit on if the bike has been left in the sun also.
Wet Weather Gear. It seems always to be a compromise between protection and bulk. The Jacket was bulky and with the padded elbows & sleeves was only comfortable moving forward. Too hot in town. Not as comfortable as my old leather jacket but better protection. My thoughts now are that a leather jacket with padding would be the best mix.
Waterproof Overall. This kept the rain out and was easy enough to carry and put on.
The drimesh pants were great and allow air to circulate, but they are not waterproof, hence the overall
I will have to get some decent saddlebags. This spending 30 minutes lashing everything on is for the birds and not as secure as I would like, the problem being that I had an airplane flight in the middle of two long rides.



The Power of Dreams. Saw a couple of these hoardings in Malaysia and it is the Motto on the Honda Book. The Bible phrases it “Where there is no vision/revelation the people perish” Both God and Hirohito Honda know a man needed to dream if he was to step out of the ordinary. Therein lies the Power.
Dreams and visions are important to us all because that’s where our imaginations take over and lead us to places without the limitations of our bodies, to places they can’t go – yet. But if we don’t have a dream we will never take the first step or in this case turn the first wheel. What a dull life it would be if we only did what was the expected next thing. I am very grateful to have completed this dream successfully, albeit late in life, and thank you all who have added value and helped make it more interesting. To those who said I was nuts – another notch on the belt!
Concentration. I found that after I had reached the town I was aiming for it would often take me a long time to actually get to into a hotel and unpack. I guess because after the pressure of the highway I hit cruise mode and things seem to happen much more slowly, sort of switch off. Stop here and there, have a drink or ice cream. On the bike off the bike, ask about Rong Raems, and 2 hours pass. It seemed like I was numb all over – especially in the brain. It is probably part of the winding down process.

What’s next ? Who knows – still dreaming - since arriving back in Thailand I have had to take staff on a border run and then by Hilux to Phuket so add that to the Singapore trip and Brisbane to Cairns while at home and I am about tripped out for the year, in the meantime - back on the bicycle to stay in shape. Sisaket Bike Week in October.

Some Stats
Milage Summary;
Day 1 324km (4.5-.5hr)=4hrs riding/240mins = 81kph
Day 2 687km (10.25–1hr)=9.25/555mins=74.2kph
Day 3 873km (11.5-1.5hr)=10/600mins=87.3kph. 45km(2.5=150mins=18kph)
Day 4 552km (.25+7.25-1hr)=6.5/390mins=84.9kph

Fuel Usage
Skudai Full tank 5959K. + 219=6178K 8.55L. +293=6471K 10.83L
+ 263=6734K 10.78L. +241=6975K 9.20L
+ 226=7201K 9.81L. +232=7433K 10.27L
+ 172=7605K 7.57L. + 247=7852K 8.82L
+ 267=8119K 10.70L. + 216=8335K 10.23L
+ 69=8404K 3.94L.
Average km per tank = 240K. Average km per Litre = 24.3. Estimate on Red Light 50K- thankfully unproven.
Distance covered Skudai to Sisaket = 2445km
Total Distance covered Sisaket to Sisaket. Start 2915, Finish 8404, Traveled 5489. The Phantom did a good job.

"The Journey is the Destination"


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Good trip & report.
It just goes to show you that age & small bike capacity are not a restriction for happy, rewarding long distance motorcycle touring.
Well done mate & many thanks for the details report(s).
I'm sure they will inspire some other small bike riders to tackle something a bit further a field.

Keep The Power On
May 20, 2005
peter nice report..hope one day i can meet and see u bro..sorry that day when u in Kajang i couldnt meet u just make a phone call cos the time i limited for u..anyway hv nice day peter.[8D]

Aug 3, 2004
Thanks David,
Glad the reports generated some interest.
I hope to keep riding well into my 70’s so that should give heart to all you young fellows who should have at least 20 good years ahead of you – if you stay in shape.
As for bikes – the TA 200 suits me just fine for now, but I am not immune from the “Big Boys Toys Syndrome” ie “Bigger is Better,” and may succumb if a shaft drive VT 750 a la Jimmy Barnes fell off the back of a truck near here.

Hi Burn Jr. I am pleased we were able to talk for a while on the phone even though we couldn’t meet – maybe some other time.

P S. Bike Week Sisaket has been moved to December. Registration B300.00.


"The Journey is the Destination"


Dec 28, 2005
hi peter..
this time i will come to sisaket to meet u after 2 years..taking in phone
hope we will meet and have a dinner with my group...
my plan as below will ride from kl to changrai..then back through eastern thai
will meet u after come back from nong ride date is
on 2nd of febuary to 17th of febuary 2008.hope will meet u bro. :D :lol: :arrow: