Singaporean couple returns home from RTW bike trip


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Jan 16, 2003
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Singaporean couple returns home from round-the-world bike trip

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By Dylan Loh | Posted: 01 August 2010 2250 hrs

SINGAPORE : A Singaporean couple has completed a round-the-world motorcycle trip.

They are believed to be the first duo in Southeast Asia to do so.

It was a true heroes' welcome home for Goh Mia Chun and his wife Samantha.

Mia Chun said: "Seeing my father, my friends, it is like a dream..."

Friends and family felt the same.

Joanne Goh, Mia Chun's sister, said: "I am very happy for him to be able to complete this trip and of course, other than his fulfilling his me, it is him arriving back home safely."

The couple spent two-and-a-half years crossing the continents of Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania.

Being away clearly affected Mia Chun. He told his family and friends: "My tears are tears of joy to see all of you. Thank you all."

It also dispelled the uninviting image of some countries.

Mia Chun said: "We went to a village in Pakistan, it is near the Kashmir area, and the battery suddenly broke down. So I was so scared, but everybody just come around to help us. People there are just like us, they are very sincere, very helpful."

The motorcycle the couple rode on was actually a replacement for the original one the couple had planned to use. The original motorcycle was stolen even before the trip began.

Mia Chun said: "We were quite hopeless, because the name of the bike was called Hope. Our first intention for this round-the-world trip was to let everybody in the world to see hope. So, what to do when there is no hope? So we went to look for Hope this guy here is Hope Too."

The couple has posted videos of the trip on their blog, in the hope that others will also be inspired.

See their blog

And the Bike: an Africa Twin. What was truly amazing about their trip was the their bike was stolen in Johore Bahru, as soon as they left Singapore on a shake down run. They returned to Singapore, bought another AT & start all over again! :clap: :clap: