Singaporean girl does Singapore to Mt everst on the chinese side;

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  1. Size does not matter to real estate agent Vaune Phan.

    The 27-year-old weighs just 45kg, yet she is now riding her 120kg motorbike from Singapore to the Mount Everest base camp in Tibet.

    The month-long, 8,000km journey, which started yesterday, will help raise awareness and funds for the Singapore Disability Sports Council and disabled athletes here.

    "Since becoming a rider, I have realised that life is very vulnerable. I know of people who got into accidents and became disabled," Ms Phan said.

    Among her friends is Paralympian Desmond Tong, 37, who lost a leg following a bike accident.

    Ms Phan will ride through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and China before reaching Tibet. She will then ship her motorbike to Thailand and fly there before riding back to Singapore.

    She's blogging the journey here:
  2. On her blog she says she ran her bike out of oil. She doesn't say what the Thai mechanic did to fix it. Hmm?

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