Sisaket to Lom Sak Term Break

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  1. Trip Report Sisaket Lom Sak Return
    The day started off sunny which was a relief after the constant rain over the previous week. At Rasi Salai they were holding their annual boat races with about 22 paddlers in each crew, making for good speeds.
    Rasi Salai
    At this time of year in Isaan the country looks lush and green and the rice is about 2/3rds grown. No brown earth that we see at the end of the year.
    Green fields
    The road becomes very busy between Roi Et and Mahasarakham and it will be a relief when the 4 lane is completed.
    4 Lane Construction Roi Et
    From Khon Kaen the road is a good 4 lane as far as Chum Phae where it is still under construction and a real mess with big holes and mud all over the road surface.
    Holes at Chum Phae
    A little further on we see our first hill since leaving Sisaket, and the road starts to get more interesting. A bit too interesting really because the thunder and lighting started so I pulled over to don my wet weather gear and then it bucketed down all the way through the mountains, slowing me down and spoiling the best bit of road on the trip. It didn't slow the SUV's though, they were overtaking long lines of traffic and forcing their way back in when traffic approached. One idiot overtook a line on the brow of a hill and a bus came over the top so he had to force his way back in, causing me to take evasive action. I horned him but a bozo like him would be used to that.
    I had a relaxing 4 days at our orphanage and took a trip with friends up to a new Coffee Bar/Restaurant at Khao Ko called “Route 12” styled after the US Route 66. They serve coffee in big cups, have some retro memorabilia, a shop, a few novel fittings and a commanding view over the surrounding valleys. Well worth a stop.
    Route 12. Read the Signs- Could almost apply to m/c riders!!
    Kids at the Orphanage
    The trip home was dry so I got to enjoy the mountain curves and made good time back to Sisaket.

    Sisaket – 226 - 2083 - Rasi Salai -2086 - Suvannabhum – 215 - Roi Et - 23 – Mahasarakham - 208 - 2 – Khon Kaen –12 - Chum Phae - 12 Lom Sak.
    I had intended to return to Sisaket via Loie, Nong Khai, Mukdahan, but it was relaxing at the orphanage so I decide to take it easy. Maybe next time.
    Return milage just under 1000Km.

  2. Nice one Peter. Thanks. :thumbup:
  3. Peter

    more tan merrir as they not sure that applyes to roadsa as well. byt nice see that section as well
  4. Marco are you back ? If so we'll have to catch up.
  5. Peter

    Yes me back and need to put bat in to bike and heading to looong ride,,, i have planned from home to Mukdahan,udon,nan,CM and back via tak and then i have no idea yet,,,,plan to take it easy this time,,,not over 1000km per day,,,lol

    when you here, drop me a line first so i try to be home,,,,or at least return back....

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