Sjaak The R1 man

Mar 11, 2004
I got a note from Sjaak lucassan, he's the guy who has been riding his Yamaha R1 around the world. Currently he is in Cambodia and soon to arrive in our wonderful country. As I have just covered a mere 900 km's on an R1 over the weekend I admire the this guy he must be the original cast iron butt man. Anyway I was thinking of putting on a bit of a night, food, drinks and of course a talk and video's by Sjaak on his adventures. Someone may want to do the same in CM.

see for a Video


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
He's been & gone in Chiang Mai, as it was just another quick whistle stop on his RTW ride.
None of us saw or heard from, just a request via Hans for a tip on where to go for welding.
But yeah I agree he must have one hell of an iron butt, temperament / steely determination, plus a healthy bank account.
As Sjaak knows the venerable Dr G / Globe Rider Greg from the US of A, I suspect he / they are having a good time in PP right now, & probably with the 3rd North Thai Tea Drinking Society member Don Duvall (also in PP.)

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