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    Some of you might remember Sjaak Lucassen who visited Chiang Mai last year during his 5 year around the world trip on a Yamaha R1.
    At the moment Sjaak and Marcus are in Sweden on the way to the North Cape where they want to celebrate the new year.
    Look at www. (site in Dutch) and click on the left in the yellow area on "Track & Trace pagina", you can see where they are right now.

    To see how they prepare putting spikes on their tyres go to :
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    I've followed this gents trip over the last couple of years and this guy is dedicated. Good stuff. He was dragging his knee around Bira race track just outside of Pattaya with his leathers and large aluminum hard bags giving it some welly. Great to see.
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    If you go to Siam Superbike web page

    You can see Sjaak in action at the Bira Track


    There you go have put picture in, but can still read report on Sjaak on Siamsuperbike's web page

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