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  1. Anyone knowing where I can get SM (Supermoto) rims with hubs for the DR650RE, year 94 here in LOS ?? Tried Chan-SIN already and email to Noi-Dirtshop is out but so far not successful, looked up an US dealer who specialises but, ouch, very expensive and considering another addition of 30% import costs, that's simply not worth it. Need them either in silver or blue.
    Sizes: front 3.50x17", back 4.25 or 4.50x17", want them with the original hubs as need two sets of wheels so to be able to have her in Supermotard or Offroad trim. Any suggestion about wheels from other models fitting, welcome !! Mark Rossi already suggested that the DRZ400 front might fit, but sure not the back, axle diameter different.
    Was also thinking of just buying the rims & spokes, but that is itself a delicate matter as every hub & rim has different angles where the spokes fit and also the DR's back has different spokes-lenghts on both sides.
    Thanks & regards, Franz
  2. you could try Link associates(Paul. 0818085775) in BKK. They mainly do Harley stuff BUT they also export a range of rims etc. sorry dunno what make though.
  3. How does that work with the brakes? Do you keep the stock set-up and make it fit with the smaller wheel or do you use the disc that's on the rim?
  4. Thanks Thaicbr, will call Paul !
    Klaus I'm gonna keep the original hubs, so brakes will stay as they are.
    Tks & rgds, Franz
  5. Well as of today I've tried many addresses & contacts.
    Contacted Chan of M-Technik in Singapore, he has some rims but the back's too wide and he's got only the rims. Answer though was very quick but sorry can't buy them. :thumbup:
    Then I emailed Khun Noi at Dirtshop in Bkk, got a very quick answer, said sorry he doen't have the rims but once I got spokes and rims he can set up the wheels, something I will need to do at his shop. :thumbup:
    Nut from Pistonshop is still looking, I asked him also to be on the lookout for complete wheels so I have 2 sets, one Motard and one offroad set. :thumbup:
    Also contacted Paddock and again got a very quick reply that they only have small sizes from DiD but will look for special order and maybe be able and get me the prices. :thumbup:
    Wrote also an inquiry to Red Baron but got no answer at all. :thumbdown:
    Last but not least contacted the guy Khun Paul that Thaicbr recommended and the first answer was "HAVE", must admit speaks very good English and 10 minutes after the call he already sent me an email and asking details. Hopefully he can get me 2 complete sets, will wait and see. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    As some of us are often looking for these parts, I'm gonna keep this post alive and tell you the final results. Rgds, Franz
  6. :thumbup: Good on you Franz. I too am looking for new rims & spokes for the AT & it is slow going. :(
  7. Just an update:
    3 missing answers and none ever took the time or effort to give me one.
    Paul from Link-something did not reply if he has some or not, didn't even get an answer to a reminder I sent to him so: :take-that:
    Inquiry to Paddock for the special DiD ones they said they could get, no answer so: :take-that:
    Red Baron never dared to even acknowledge receipt of my email so: :take-that: :take-that:
    Good to know which shops I'll never buy anything or anymore.......
    In the end I will have to import myself either from Europe or the US, I don't mind customs taxes, so once I place a PO I'll let you know how this story continues.
    Rgds, Franz
  8. Hi BJ, many thanks, gives me reason to consider other options and must admit, the AL cast wheels look terribly nice on the thumper !!! :smile1: Cheers, Franz

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