Smartphone/GPS Handlebar mount

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  1. Just thought I would pass on what I think is a great piece of low cost gear for mounting a phone to your handlbars.

    Comes in different main sizes which are all adjustable by the high quality clamp. Comes with a clear rubber wrap to protect your bar. On and off in less then 15 seconds.

    Clamps down on the sides to various models of phones. It is rock solid once on there!

    Sold at the Bike Station (Bicycle Store) in BKK. 13°43'57.49"N 100°38'52.39"E

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  2. No cost on the website?
  3. 850 Baht at the Bike Station
  4. I would have thought that the vibration would cause problems for a smart phone?
  5. ? I have dropped my phone on the hard ground numerous times. I don't think a little handlebar vibration is going to bother it. Then again if you ride a Harley, who knows.

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