Smoke haze in March

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Deano747, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Deano747

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    Looks like I will be getting a leave pass to come play for a few days in mid-march. Figure I will do the Mae Hong Son Loop, but wondering how bad the smoke from the rice fields burning off will be? Yeah, I know.... how long is a bit of string. I guess what I am asking is have they stared burning off yet, and I am presuming that it will not be as bad in the hills in the north west of Chiang Mai as there aren't as many rice fields. I know it is getting warm now, I see that you are getting 36 ish degrees during the days, but still dry. Plan is to pick up a Versys on arrival and 1 night in Chiang Mai, up to Pai for a night, across to Mae Hong Son for a night, down to Mae Chaem for a night, back to Chiang Mai for a night, and then home. Pity it is only a 7 day leave pass, but I will take what I will get.
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  3. Rod Page

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    G'day mate,
    Check out the Mobile Atlas screenshots Quality Regional site, all the info is there.
  4. mastamax

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  5. Deano747

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    Thank you both for that. Seems that Mae Hong Son is steady and Chiang Mai has increased over the last couple of days.

    Really after some eye witness accounts though. Will it be worth the 2 days travel for 4 days riding?
  6. KenYam

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    Deano747 I have only lived here in CNX 4 years and always head south for the beach in March as its the worst time for smoke all year. The temperature and smoke haze has only increased the last 3 days in my observation, I hope this helps you. If it was me I would be doing some more sweet talking to the wife and come for 2 weeks at the end of April after Songklan is finished.

    Cheers Ken F
  7. DaRider

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    Hi Deano,

    I just came back from a tripp to Nan and theres a lot of burning going on everywhere. I could see visibility getting worse by the day..
  8. nikster

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    PM10 is getting into the 60ies. European countries see any value over 50 as a health hazard. In Thailand, the government declared that everyone's fine until we have 120. Last year we had days with over 300. Which is basically like smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. During that time I think smokers are safer, actually - at least they have a filter.
  9. Deano747

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    Thanks for the replies. I will be up there tomorrow afternoon for 5 days doing the Mae Hong Son loop. Guess I just put up with it.
  10. David Learmonth

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    This may be of help to someone :- went to Pua on Tuesday 8th March from ChiangRai end via ChiangKham - there had been some burning on the mountain but on Tuesday it had stopped & came back that way to ChiangKhong via Thoeng yesterday - again - no burning. One big problem - we used the 1020 from Thoeng to ChiangKhong & about 12 miles out from ChiangKhong where the roadworks start - it is very rough & very dusty. The two "new" sides of the road have had what appears to be a layer of limestone put down with a very high dust content + the cut outs across the road have been done with similar stone. Dust was very unpleasant & visibility was very poor at times as well!
  11. David Learmonth

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    There were still a lot of areas on the mountain between Pua & ChiangKham that were just waiting for a match however!
  12. johngooding

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    Just back in CM after Doi Inthanon, Mae Chaem, Mae Hong Son, 1 night, Pai 1 night. Visibility not good and some fires visible, but nowhere was air quality bad enough to cause any eye or breathing problems. Some fires visible and a lot of already burnt roadsides. All in all an excellent trip, cool and clear on the higher ground, hot late afternoon, but cool evening and mornings. Certainly would do again if similar conditions, so not too bad yet.
  13. Deano747

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    Got to agree with that. Mine was the other way around, Pai 1 night, Mae Hong Son 1 night, Mae Chaem 1 night, and wasn't really bad at all. A little Hazy in places, you could smell bushfire smoke in some places, not as hot as I thought it was going to be, 12 degrees up the top of Doi Inthanon, and got a little drizzle between Khun Yuam and Mae Chaem, but a really great ride.

    Got overtaken by 4 or 5 riders on Sunday afternoon the 13th early afternoon on the south side of Chiang Mai on the 108 heading back up to Chiang Mai. Green Ninja, an unplated suzuki (I think) and a couple of what I think are D-Trackers. It was fun watching you guys play in the traffic; I did try and play with you for a little bit, but I was loaded up pretty well, 2 up, and not nearly as confident. Anyway, nice way to finish my trip around.


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