[sold] - 2 Side Cases Quro 33l+ Top Case Quro 31l + Rack Systems (chiang Mai)

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  1. Kévin

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    Buy in March 2016

    Many people ask me about the cases appart, so here we are. I travelled in North Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with theses cases with big camera and computer inside well protected. I never add any problem with it. The lot include :
    - Top case : Quro 31L
    - Sides cases 2 x Quro 33L
    - 2 x Bag (35L) for side cases
    - The rack system
    - Gallon 3L
    - Wire to add more luggages
    - Rack System for CRF 250

    Options added on the cases : black, aluminium and double lock for the side cases

    Located in Chiang Mai



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  3. scorpion1000

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    Where did you buy that rack system and the boxes?
  4. rcm273

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    quoro are a brand that are sold through K2 ( i could be wrong there, they may be sold via other shops too )

    If you are looking for a set of local / Chinese made boxes. There is another company called Tor which a mate recommends. I have had dealings with a Thai guy who imports from China, X_Wolf and I think these are rebranded in a few places.

    If you want hard cases, then take a bit of time to check them out, I have a set of GIVI and they look to be made of thicker aluimium that the ones above. Although on the face of it, the boxes may be fine, they are just aluminum sealed and rivited, they all seem to screw onto the bike frame - similar to Touratech boxes but its the mounting system that you should be looking at - GIVI tell me they put a lot of R&D into vibration and the actual strength of the unit on the whole to give a solid product .. Would be an absolute nightmare having a weld fail and your box flying down the dual carriageway into someones windscreen.
    I have a spare set of GIVI boxes, unused if your interested.

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