SOLD - 2004 Honda XR250 for sale in Chiang Mai

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  1. 2004 Honda XR250 for sale in Chiang Mai. 175,000 THB


    Fully legal, plated with green book in my name. Recently serviced at Joe & Tom’s, new clutch plates, brake pads, front rotor, oil, etc.


    This bike has already been to Laos and Cambodia as reported here:

    [email protected]


    Goodies installed: big rack on the back for hauling stuff, monster grips for big hands & magnum bark busters. Includes new, unused Honda foam air filter, spare plugs and levers, .pdf service manual, & stock grips.

    As soon as he dies, this bike will have cult status as the world’s cultest Indian, GlobeRiderGreg rode it on this dirt trip:

    [email protected]

    Email me through the board if interested.
  2. I tested this bike for a day a few weeks ago and found it to be a solid runner, very clean and a good choice for running around both in the city and off-road. It started easily (electric) and ran like new. I've not seen a cleaner XR with all proper paperwork in Chaing Mai for this price.
    Dr. G
  3. Talk about a snow job Dr G......but seriously folks it's a good 'un & it's legal registered & ready to go.
    Now what about the last guy who toured on it & can't stay off the net with a certain Lao airlines employee in Chiang Mai. Truly a new GT Rider in the making............once he’s done a road & trip report.
  4. That would be my son Robert. Poor kid, he's got a bad case of Thailand fever and has already booked a return trip. The guy that rode it before him in November, DannyBSL, has got it bad too and is planning a move to Chiang Mai this year.

    Beware of this bike...
  5. I am that Robert... and I always thought thai/yellow fever was a joke, wow... I was wrong, anyways... That is a great 250!!

  6. Robert,

    Your dad is a bad influence. You need to experience western offroad tracks and white p*ssy before you can REALLY appreciate what goes on here.....

    Consider yourself mildly "polluted" by your old man, sow your seed, smoke your weed and crash your steed, all back in the US because once you spend a decent amount of time over here, you ain't never going back and the chicks will eat you for breakfast, dinner and tea! (damn, I wish I'd discovered Thai at 23, but then if I had, I'd probably be even more f*cked up than I am - just like Unko! [:D]

    Cheers (and looking forward to meeting you again)

  7. Barry I have mailed you and no response as yet so got to go public here. Have you sold the bike yet? Think I need to buy it for an upcoming trip due.
  8. Hi David,

    Yes, the bike is still for sale. Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm travelling in the US today but will be back in CM next week. Email is always a better way to contact me, I check email much more often than I check here.


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