SOLD D-tracker 16 sept 2009 130.000 o.n.o.

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  1. For Sale: A 12 month's old black Kawasaki DTracker 250 bought at Kawasaki Chiang Mai on 16 September 2009.
    All Books, Registration and Tax paid for. Upgraded with original Kawasaki De-resctrictor Box to revv up to 136 km/h; British made Fat Bars - wider and a bit higher in Black; Engine protection bottom Scratch Plate, Engine side Guard protection; Led Backlight and Led indicators fitted; Spring back Front Brake and Clutch Handles; Alarm Lock. Near to perfect condition, 1 service done at the Kawa-shop, the bike never fell down, done less then 3300 kms and it's a real eye-catcher. Bought for 186.000, Goes for 130.000 o.n.o. Send me an E-mail to exchange phone-numbers so we can set up a meet to view the bike. [email [email protected].com][email protected][/email] Thanks, Frank.
  2. Frank.. How did you manage to buy a 147,500b bike for 186,000b?
    Also pictures help to sell a bike especially if its "a real eye catcher"
  3. Putting 2 and 2 together, which in most of the world makes 4, but maybe not in Thailand, I would guess that the bike and all the extras he listed cost that. Which is why we would all like to see some pictures to see if it is worth more than the 100k to 110k that these second hand bikes are normally fetching.
  4. This is an international forum and for some people english is their second language so give them a break!
    It's quite easy to understand that the total of 186,000 baht he spent include the listed extras.
    If the bike is 147,500 baht as thaicbr states he must have bought extras for a bit under 40,000 baht.
    If a comparable bike goes for 100 to 110,000 baht as John states, this bike with extras and extremely low mileage should be a good deal for 130,000 baht; in fact I'd take it over a new one any time.
    Of course I'd like to see some photos, too, but they're not easy to post on this site.
  5. Seconded,. "Of course I'd like to see some photos, too, but they're not easy to post on this site.
  6. I think its plain to see where the extra cost new came from, hes listed the accessories, :roll:
  7. Obviously the price he quoted includes the extras! If you email him he'll send some pics, I was/am very interested and he emailed me a few weeks ago some very nice photos, can't buy at the moment though as there's a delay in getting the $$$ but would buy it in an instant if I could.
  8. nope still not plain to see. It might just be me. I really dont see gizmos and doodads adding up to 20 thou over other bikes (i cant see them costing that in the 1st place). i could see maybe 5-10thou difference. I do wish the seller the best though.
  9. The De-restricter box should be hard to see, it's around 8,000 baht.

    Maybe a list with prices would show how much was bought.

    But it may be sold already to someone who knows a good deal when he sees one!

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