*SOLD* ER-6n 2010 ABS Chiang Mai SOLD

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  1. Kawasaki racing green ER-6n 2010 ABS model for sale.

    Bought October 2009, 1 year left on the 2 year warranty. All service records from Kawasaki Chiang Mai. As new condition - no scratches etc. Bridgestone Battlax BT021 fitted new at 12k.

    - Puig windscreen
    - Engine sliders

    14,500km mostly long distance between Pai and Chiang Mai. Bike runs perfectly and is a lot of fun but I am getting a new bike + need to make room.

    185,000 Baht.


    Full image gallery here: http://gallery.me.com/nikster#100046&view=grid&bgcolor=black&sel=5

    Never really crashed this bike. But...
    I dropped this bike on the right engine slider once at a standstill. It had no scratches, except the engine slider itself - I was a little bit amazed on how well these things work. Even sticking out parts like the mirrors were unscathed.

    I also had a fender bender once when an old guy on a honda dream cut over the highway without looking. Bike didn't go down; I could have just gone on, only stopped to help the old man and eventually give him some money to go see a doctor. I was unhurt. This incident scratched some fairings on the right side, all were replaced at Kawasaki CM.
  2. Nick, now that the Versys comes, loads of ER6N's and Ninja 650's will go on sale. Your bike is a real nice one so hope you can sell it quickly, now that the rains subside, should be easier !! Cheers, Franz
  3. I know, not sure loads but certainly a few... going to check the kawa dealer price today and if not much less I'll just trade it in. Less hassle on my part is worth a few baht. The used market for ER 6n/f sure is competitive as prices deteriorate more like were used to in the west.

    If I could, I'd definitely buy a 1 year old versys for 60k baht off. Problem is, I don't want to wait year. My loss, your gain :)
  4. The dealer may well offer quite a bit less than your asking price, I know a guy who recently swapped his wife's ER6n (which was only 6mnths old with 2500kms on the clock) for a Ninja 250 + a 20k exhaust so he got less than 170k for the ER6N!
  5. call me after you receive the dealer offer.
    084 809 6610
  6. Dealer gives me 172k. IMO that's a great offer considering Ill ride there on my ER6-n and leave with the versys.

    By the way: The value of after market extras at a dealer trade-in is ZERO. They pay for the bike whatever you may have spent on it doesn't interest them at all. Private might be dirrerent of course.
  7. I would take the Dealer offer
  8. Of course you will also have to ride in there with more than 100,000 Baht as well as the ER6-n. Is the Versys really that much more of a bike than your current ER6-n?
    I have read the posts in the Versys thread of course and do not really see the extra value for everyday riding. But I do wish you well with your new bike. Always nice to have that brand new look, with full warranty etc.
  9. John I was wondering the same thing a little bit :)

    A 1 year old er6n is a great deal right now no question.
  10. Sorry I had no intention of pouring any damp water on what will be the real pleasure of getting a new bike. I cannot talk, I seem to find it difficult to keep bikes more than 18 months or so, before changing or upgrading. I look forward to see you out and about on the new machine and good luck with selling the ER6-n. As you say they are great value as nearly new second owner bikes.
  11. Hi
    Tell me when you are going to Chiangmai to change your bike. We could meet there and we could make a deal at a better price then what you get from the dealer. I live in Nan and have telephone number 0868869133.
    All the best!
    Per Nystrom
  12. Sorry I should have updated this earlier - already picked up my Versys, and did sell to the dealer for 172k.

    There's a few things I wasn't aware of when I first posted this bike. One is that the dealer offer is pretty good, all things considered. The other is that the dealer doesn't mark these bikes up much - they just sell them on for a minimal markup.

    So for the seller, selling privately doesn't make much sense - you'd have to give me at least 10k baht more to make it worth my time and effort to go to the transport office with you and do all the paperwork. That's 182k baht. Even then, the added inconvenience of being without bike would be annoying.

    For the buyer, that doesn't make any sense when they can just pick up the bike from the dealer for, say, 175k. And same thing about doing the paperwork.

    What I am saying is that everyone is better off using the dealer.

    So Per, give Kawasaki CM a call. They may still have my bike (though I doubt it, the vultures were circling already when I was picking up the bike), or they may have another fresh one in similar good condition. I am going to text you Mr. Nop's phone number, he's the guy in charge. They will keep the bike for you, they're pretty mellow. You can tell him Nik send you. Good luck, it's a great bike! :)

  13. Good to hear of Kawasaki attitude in being willing to give you a fair price and not make much mark up themselves. This is not the attitude of BMW or Yamaha, they will try and find a buyer interested in your bike, their salesman will then take a commission, or they will offer you a very low trade in as they do not normally sell second hand bikes.
    I am talking about the dealers here in CM, although I know BMW does have a second owner bike scheme, it does not seem to operate up here.

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