SOLD Kawasaki 250 D-Tracker Super Motard

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  1. M71

    M71 Member

    Kawasaki 250 D-Tracker 2003 model Super Motard 4 stroke water cooled single electric start.

    8,000 klms Leo Vince pipe [also have the original pipe] - good all round condition.

    Purchased for 150,000 1 year ago and then paid 16,000 for the Leo Vince pipe - sell 95,000 quick sale.

    The bike is located in Chiang Mai.

    ph 053 357631 or 0815955125

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  3. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friend,

    Green book and plate ?
  4. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

  5. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Dear Mike,

    For sure the bike could be a bargain as it looks quite nice, its description is good as well, but what to do with it ?

    If it's just to put it in my garden, I will find some more decorative items.

    Do you imagine to ride it easily ? How would you legalise it, your advise would be precious as it is typically the kind of bike I am looking for and would be a cost avoidance for me considering the attractive price !!!
  6. macattack

    macattack Ol'Timer

  7. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

    where are you based ? i am in pattaya and have 2 bikes, neither are registered and i have ridden all over thailand for 9 years, in enduros and touring ,. it has never been a problem, i have insurance and a red plate on mine that i bought from a local bike shop for 400 baht, i have been stoped for speeding, paid on the spot never been questioned asked for a book ,.i consider i could pay lot of fines for 60.000 baht or whatever it is it costs, . but i again a say where are you ? if you are in paris it wont work !, thailand, no problem, if you intend to cross borders this will not suit you either without a book,.all the best, mike
  8. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Dear Mike,

    As on my signature and described in my profile you can read, I am commuting between France and Thailand, since more than 13 years (the age of my oldest daughter) I use to ommute twice a year for X'Mas and Summer holidays in Thailand. My base is in Bangkok and use to travel around BUT, BUT, BUT I refuse to risk to much there as I will retire in few years from now.

    I have bikes and cars regullary registred and everything is crystal clear. I could imagine very well that Pattaya is a bit aside as well as country side but BKK is more rigid.

    At present I have a DUCATI S2R Monster 1000 (a bit tuned by me in order to get the few missing horses you could expect) and other small bikes. All these are registred and never a problem even crossing police spots on wheeling around my house as they know me.

    For the time being I look for an off-road bike, this one would have been idle but I am afraid to risk anything with it... What a temptation for the price, I agree with you it looks wonderfull.

    While I am writting this post I am watching as well the Italian Torino SuperMoto Championship and you can imagine it is quite tempting to phone to my brother in law and ask him to buy M71's bike.

    I'll be around end of June for 2 month.
  9. M71

    M71 Member

    Sold to Macattack soon as you contact me.

    Yes I can pack the bike in a wooden crate and truck it to you no problem at all.

    Can you email me your phone number and I'll give you a call.

    I've been a friend of David Unkovich [ owner] for 15 years and no doubt he will vouch for my honesty and that the bike is as described.

    Regards, Barry.

    Tel: 053 357631
    Mobile 0815955125
  10. macattack

    macattack Ol'Timer

    tried to call , got music and nought else
  11. macattack

    macattack Ol'Timer

    great to talk to you barry,

    we got a deal my ozzie friend, speak to you on 2nd. Pommie dave
  12. Silom

    Silom Member

    In regards to Holger,

    what the Ozzies have and us Germans not???

  13. macattack

    macattack Ol'Timer

    a sence of humour, decent beer, girls without hairy armpits,crocadile,kangeroos, shall i go on ? just joking dont take offence.
  14. holgerroth

    holgerroth Member

    Good to see that the bike is still running and catching people's eyes.

    Thanks to Mark's big help I was able to sell it to Chiang Mai because I simply wanted to get rid of this "siam superbike" relict. (Is Peter still amongst us?)

    So I don't really care if someone is making money with the bike. It's worth it and "the rubel has to keep rolling" (old German saying).

    And I take all the (non) offences but one: beer is about the quality in the bottle or can (or even better: drafted), not the quantity of the bottle/can/glass.

    The world owes a lot to the Germans in this sense - no matter if you're up or upside down [:D]

  15. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi my friend Holger,

    Could you please decode, decrypt your words for those -like me- not in deep in the story ???

    What to do with Siam SB ??? for me the big issue was NO GREEN BOOK !!!

    But maybe you could explain and developp in a way I could understand,

    Thanks and Good Luck, Safe Driving.
  16. holgerroth

    holgerroth Member

    Hi Laurent,

    sorry for the late reply.
    "Involvement" of Siamsuperbike can easily be explained:
    The bike (as some others) were sold with registration which was never delivered. It also turned out to be an illegal use of an old frame of a different bike which was hammered into the D-Tracker frame.
    I blame it on Peter (maybe because of his dementia, alcoholism and/or simply his crooked mind)!
    I hope he pays dearly for his misbehaviour...
    So long

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