Some Motorbike-Tours: Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Tham Lo

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    Some Motorbike-Picture-Tours: Chiang Mai, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Tham Lot Cave, Kamphaeng Paet

    When i came to Chiang Mai I stay in Hang Dong (near Chiang Mai). The first: Look for a motorbike, but I like 2-stroke! On the next day a thaiman give me his private yamaha 200. My girlfrient want drive with me too, but she don’t know where I go :wink:. I told her that is sometimes hard, but she says “no problem”

    hang-dong-haus-01-thumb. yamaha-200-01-thumb. pom-01-thumb.

    Doi Suthep, Huai Ting Thao
    On the next day i want check she. We start a small tour to Doi Suthep and Huai Ting Thao.
    On Huai Ting Dao stop for picknick with birdeggs
    Really, she not make problem.

    Then i think we can start to pai, the “real way”. From Chiang mai to Pai about 140 km. Here a short stop:
    We go to Michel Bungalow, 7km before Pai. Michel have a small pool too, he is a swiss man.
    Michel Bungalow,
    60.M.10 Ban Rong Yang , T. Toong Yao , A. Pai
    58130 Mae Hong Son , Thailand

    michel-bungalow-01-thumb. michel-bungalow-02-thumb. schaeferhund-thumb.

    Some pics from the resort

    pai-05-thumb. pai-06-thumb. pai-07-thumb.

    For no-swimmers :wink:


    In the evening welcome-party


    Some new resorts are in pai since my last visit at 2001. The Gasalong Resort is a unusual resort (pic on the right)

    pai-01-thumb. pai-02-thumb. pai-03-thumb.


    Some pictures of a trip near the hospital of pai

    pai-bananenberg-01-thumb. pai-bananenberg-02-thumb. pai-bananenberg-03-thumb.

    Nice dogs, later more


    More in the next days..
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    Pai: Tour to the Tham Lot Cave
    After some days i think for a bigger tour, we choose the Tham Lot Cave. The way through the mountains is very nice. And the viewpoint


    after 35 km from Pai, great. Sometimes you can drive to the top. On the top no shops, only enjoy the silence.

    tham-lot-cave-02-thumb. tham-lot-cave-03-thumb. tham-lot-cave-04-thumb.

    After 52 km (from Pai) turn right to the cave. 8 km more on this street then we came to the cave. The cave-tour needs about 1,5 – 2 Stunden. Through the cave is a river and we explore it with a raft .

    tham-lot-cave-08-thumb. tham-lot-cave-09-thumb. tham-lot-cave-10-thumb.

    Feding fish in the cave.

    tham-lot-cave-11-thumb. tham-lot-cave-12-thumb. tham-lot-cave-13-thumb.


    Nice views


    Back on the entrance


    Restaurant on the parking place


    Hier die Menuecard with price drinklistwith price

    A friend who live here have a problem and must go back to germany. We help him save some furniture from his bar.
    In the middle: Rolli with a bike from joe that has a 400 ccm engine, but no power :cry:

    pai-09-thumb. pai-10-thumb. pai-11-thumb.

    More in the next days..
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    Pai: Hotsprings and Café Del Doi
    In the morning we start to the hotsprings in pai, good feeling because the air-temperature is cold.

    pai-13-thumb. pai-14-thumb. pai-15-thumb.


    After to the Cafe Del Doi for breakfast and relax .

    pai-17-thumb. pai-18-thumb. pai-19-thumb.

    The Cafe was not finish at 2003, here you can see the „real“ wall :wink:.


    The old bridge some kilometers before Pai, built 1942.


    Pai: Tour to Mae Hong Son and via Jabo to the border of Burma
    In the evening I thinking about a new tour and I see a street in the Mae Hong Son Loop that goes to the border of Burma.
    First we drive the 1095, the way to MHS. A short stop on the viewpoint and the japanese man want sit on my bike :wink:


    On the 1226 turn right to Jabo, on this checkpoint:


    Now it starts a greatful street, small citys where nobody speak english.

    mae-hong-son-tour-03-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-04-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-05-thumb.

    Sometimes we drive dirt roads to look the farmers.

    mae-hong-son-tour-07-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-08-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-09-thumb.

    The farmers have a hard job in the mountains. Many years ago they plant poppies and ganja, now only tea and vegetable.


    Near the border

    mae-hong-son-tour-11-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-12-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-13-thumb.

    Great landscape. The people in the mountains poor, but they have TV with electric from a car-batterie :wink:

    mae-hong-son-tour-14-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-15-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-16-thumb.

    If a truck is broken the mechanic come to the truck.


    A good „highway“ goes until the border ,then finishm but why? The police near the border have good cars.


    After the same way back until the 1095. My girlfriend say she want look MHS, i say o.k. After 160 km we arrived in Mae Hong Son and rent a bungalow in Jonkam Guesthouse. The small bungalow with wc and toilett costs 100 Baht.

    Left pic: The House with rooms, Middle: Our bungalow, Right pic: Inside the Bungalow

    mae-hong-son-tour-18-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-19-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-20-thumb.

    Near our bungalow the Wat Chong Klang and the Wat Chong Kam


    On the next morning up to the temple, it is cold and MHS ist under a fog.

    mae-hong-son-tour-22-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-23-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-24-thumb.

    Behind a wood temple, in the front a pavillion where you can see the city.

    mae-hong-son-tour-25-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-26-thumb. mae-hong-son-tour-27-thumb.

    After back to pai.

    More in the next days..
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    Pai: Kanu Tour
    When we come back noon, we start to a funny kanu-tour with friends. The tour costs 2500 Baht for 5 people.

    canoe-tour-01-thumb. canoe-tour-02-thumb. canoe-tour-03-thumb.

    A big fun!!

    canoe-tour-04-thumb. canoe-tour-05-thumb. canoe-tour-06-thumb.

    Problem: A tree in the river… :wink: :wink: Pom where are you ?? :wink:


    Halftime: Drinking some beer

    canoe-tour-08-thumb. canoe-tour-09-thumb. canoe-tour-10-thumb.

    After 7 Days back to Chiang Mai

    Tour Chiang Mai - Kamphaeng Pet
    When we arrived in Chiang Mai my girlfriend want buy a german sheperd dog, but i say this is not a dog for thailand. Then she remember the dalmatian dog from the temple and want this dog.


    A nice dog for 1900 Baht named Tina.


    On the next day we must drive to her home to Kampaeng Paet WITH THE DOG. Two bags and the dog, not easy....


    When we arrived the tachometer shows 380 km. We need about 8,5 hr because the tire was broken and nobody there have this tire.On the gasoline-station, Tina is tired.


    In the small city of pom is nothing to see, only in the night ....


    The house is 50% stone and 50% wood


    With poms cousin we drive to the Khlonglan Waterfall (Nationalpark). Its about 113 km.

    kampaeng-pet-04-thumb. kampaeng-pet-05-thumb. kampaeng-pet-06-thumb.


    I like the waterfal so we go again on the next day :)

    kampaeng-pet-09-thumb. kampaeng-pet-10-thumb. kampaeng-pet-11-thumb.

    after 1 week i go back to Chiang Mai, this time only 310 km in 5 hr.

    More in the next days..
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    380 km on that bike with that cargo is amazing. Must have been a trip to remember.

    Great post, thanks for sharing the trip.

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    Yes, a very hard trip on the highway :cry:

    Chiang Mai: Ban Tawai, everything wood


    Don’t miss it, Ban Tawai is very interessted! About 10 km south from Chiang Mai. Every people carve and working with wood.

    ban-tawai-01-thumb. ban-tawai-02-thumb. ban-tawai-03-thumb.

    Big carvings costs about 50.000 baht.
    They can send it everywhere in the world.

    ban-tawai-04-thumb. ban-tawai-05-thumb. ban-tawai-06-thumb.

    Chiang Mai: Samoeng und Panorama Enduro Tour
    From Chiang Mai 20km to the north on the 107 then turn left to 1095. At km 36 turn right up.


    Bigger Pic where you must turn right

    On a small street 7 km up until a small pavillion and viewpoint.

    taltour-01-thumb. taltour-02-thumb. taltour-03-thumb.

    200m behind is dirt dirt road that goes to the top of the mountain.


    Only 1,5 km to the top.


    taltour-04-thumb. taltour-05-thumb. taltour-06-thumb.

    After down to the street and down where are some restaurants at km 53.
    At km 68 the round is finish, turn right.


    At km 78 back on the point where we start.
    Now the way to Samoeng , until this street on the picture, turn left


    On the top a view

    taltour-10-thumb. taltour-11-thumb. taltour-12-thumb.

    The next 15 km many curves on a good street


    At km 138 back in Chiang Mai.

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    Like the report & pix. Youve certainly been having a great time riding & touring. Keep going.
  9. helbob

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    the next report is about cambodia :p
    And this year i will come to chiang mai for 3 or 4 weeks.

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