some new off road movies posted

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  1. hi everyone, haven't posted for a while, I made some more off-road movies that I wanted to share with you...

    here you can access them, hope you enjoy:

  2. I recognise most of those tracks, good to see a movie of them.
    When did you do the one- you go past the village(turning) on doi suthep, on the track towards huay tung tao, but dont turn right downhill to the lake. Carry on to a bamboo gate into a garden and the track starts the other side.
    We did this maybe 3months ago, it was overgrown, and someone had built a fence from trees and bamboo and vines across the track to stop evryone going through.
    We thought maybe a landslide or something, so we moved the gate to get through, and carried on
  3. Nice stuff Rudi!! Great to see you and George enjoying and good ole Sutthep providing you with some fun. I love how the trails constantly change and evolve on that mountain.
  4. Thank you guys, for your replies. The fact that we're able to ride Enduro almost in front of our house is amazing, I love Doi Suthep and Doi Pui. But many tracks are closed down, with a warning panel in English, I didn't take a photograph of that. Cool, so we gotta find new tracks....around this area
  5. We did this about 2 weeks ago, it's nice you recognize every thing, that means the video turned out good in terms of definition

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