Some off-road between Doi Kham and Samoeng

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  1. Nice ride today, actually I intended to check out my new street legal XR 250, but it was so much fun and at the end we had a long tour, that started 10 am until about 5 pm. Due to some problems with the Kawasaki, we had to turn around and do some repairs, I've never seen a motorcycle break down so often as this bike, o.k it's an old lady, but my XR is not much younger and never let's me down, or maybe it's just a luck thing.

    After the successful repair, we started off again and found some more interesting staff we hadn't been on yet. The new XR was nice to ride with and was strong enough to conquer most of the sections without complaints. When it was almost 5 pm we encountered a very steep section downhill not too far away from the Samoeng Intersection, we had to walk our bikes down the hill, I've never ever done that in all my years riding, turning around not possible at this point, probably steeper then "last man standing" At that point I was not even sure, if we were able to get down the bikes without smashing them up completely, but one more time Mr. Luck was on our side and helped us manage this heavy passage, with not too many problems...




















  2. Looks like no fun !!!!!!
  3. Outrageous trails Rudi. I'm glad it's you beating up your body & not me. You're a star. Thanks for the contribution.
  4. You sure do some radical riding Rudi. There big steep hills you’re playing on, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the write up, wild stuff mate.

  5. Moto Rex, thanks for the reply, it is not always planed what we are doing. Most of the time we follow some nice little track and the out of sudden it ends or is to steep or name it, others would turn around, but when I look in George eyes I know, we don't want to turn around. this can be sometimes very bad, because we really don't know what to expect, like on this trip. Sometime I wished I was a little more normal or mindful concerning this. The last section: Going up impossible too steep, going down? yes but how? I think George and me can consider ourself very lucky, that we always get away without being stuck, but sometimes I also Buddha or the wise Lord
  6. Ankor.......Do you think the "Erzberg Rodeo" is all about fun? It's a lot of fun and the torture is a welcome gift to our untrained bodies...

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