Some pics from the SSR Club Piss Up- Saturday August 22nd

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  1. Rather amazed that everyone else made it home in one piece- you guys are LEGEND!

    Thanks to everyone who came- very fun afternoon!


    Thanks for Bard for the beer and Gerhardt for the excellent bread.


    Look forward to seeing some of you next weekend. We'll keep the fridge full and beers cold.

    Ride On,

    Tony and Little Mir 0823MirShadesXS.
  2. Tony

    Nice Secret soi party,, maybe one day i will join,,,,

    here i can see the Question to Little Mir...

    Where is Daddys Beer?????
  3. 555 Marco! :mrgreen:
    Would of course LOVE to see you at a future meeting- but I think my fridge does not hold enough beer for you! :wink:
    I think you're still at work? When will you be back and how goes the search for a new bike or repairs on the Panzer Wagon?
    Happy Trails,
  4. Tony

    Back in 9th Oct and Panzar wagon should be ready as i finally got ALL spares for it,so i would say abt 2weeks max after im home.

    Need to put all Gizmos in there as well :wink:
  5. It was a very nice meetup, beers and laughs all over. Great day I loved it. Hopefully we can have these things more often.

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