Some Questions About Riding In Cambodia

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    I spent 5 weeks riding bottom to top through Vietnam last year and safe to say it got me hooked in using a motorbike where possible for future travel.

    My next destination in a few weeks is most likely Cambodia, the plan was basically do exactly what I did in Vietnam. But after reading a few threads on Cambodia it may not be as a simple as a I thought. So a few questions -

    1. Most importantly (not sure what the regular posters attitude is towards what I'm about to ask), I don't have any motorbike licence at all and not in a position to get one before I leave. Is it similar to Vietnam that low powered bikes they don't really care about and in the event you're pulled over you can slip them a few bucks and they leave you alone?

    2. Is it feasible to ride throughout the country on a 110/120cc bike? I used a Honda Win in Vietnam and traversed through some real dodgy conditions and it held up fine, so I'm assuming it's ok.

    3. Better to buy outright and sell when you're finished? Or rent?

    4. How many weeks would you allocate to ride through the whole country without rushing?

    Thanks in advance :)

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