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    Hi Guys ... I am planning a January ride on enduro bikes hoping to visit some the Ho Chi Minh Trails and see some of the rural areas of Laos. We do NOT intend to do any really hard stuff and will prefer graded trails if at all possible. The reason being is that one of the rider in our group has a bum leg and I do not wish to subject him to any difficult stuff.

    Our planned routes is as below :-

    1. Chong Mek to Siphandon
    2. Siphandon to Attapeu via Pakxong (will abandon the idea of doing 18A)
    3. Attapeu to Saravane via Sekong, Thatheng
    4. Saravane to Vilaboury via Ta Oy, Nong, Xepon (15, 6981, 6307, 9, 6305)
    5. Vilaboury to Gnommalat via Lampun, Bouarapha, Langkhang (5528, 12)
    6. Gnommalat to Ban Khoun Kham via Nakai, Lak Sao (1-E, 8)
    7. Ban Khoun Kham to Phonsavan via Viangthong, Mok Mai, M Khoun (8, 1-D, 3908, 1-D)
    8. Phonsavan to Nong Khiew via M Kham, Viangthong, Viangkham (7, 1-C)
    9. Nong Khiew to Luang Prabang via Pak Ou (13-N)
    10. Luang Prabang to Muang Nguen Border Crossing via Hongsa (4-B)

    1, 2 & 3 should be fairly easy and all tarmac

    4 What is the route condition like and is it possible to ride this 238km in a day? Suggestions?

    5 Ditto above. This 241km

    6 Should be tarmac? A planned visit to Kong Lor Cave.

    7. What is the route condition like and is it possible to ride this 316km in a day? Suggestions? Layover?

    8 & 9 should be fairly easy and all tarmac

    10 What is the route condition like?

    Would appreciate any insights or suggestions or route alternatives. Many thanks in advance and cheers!

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