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Discussion in 'XENFORO Forums Guide' started by Peeto, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Peeto

    Peeto Ol'Timer

    I have some suggestions to make it more user friendly. They are skin related.
    First is to have a slider for scrolling down and up.
    This slider bring you to the top and the end. I don't know if your skin have it. Otherwise there is an addon for this.
    Is helpful in Threads with a lot of pictures.

    Another nice to have is a sticky navigation bar.
    So you don't have to scroll to reach it.


    And the third one is to use pagination on threads.
    This can you bring quickly to the post you wanna go.


    These possibilities are build in into the style i use.
    But i think pagination is core in xenforo.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I will look into it
  4. Peeto

    Peeto Ol'Timer

    As you changed your layout you should consider to adjust some settings depending on the viewport.

    For example the navigation bar use a high that's not nice on a mobile.
  5. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    Will review your suggestion when time permits.

    In the interim, the previous "Infinite" Style, or the default Xenforo Style, are easily selectable at the bottom left on all pages.
  6. Peeto

    Peeto Ol'Timer

    It's an easy change.


    You set it to 80px.
    It's not a complain just wanna help out here.
  7. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    Hi Peeto

    Thanks, I checked the settings - the menu was not specifically set to 80px, but inherited its settings from the Header area;
    Sticky Navigation Height: @headerTabHeight
    Selected Tabs Sublinks Height: @headerTabHeight

    I've edited that to the sizes you suggested, how does that look on your phone now?
  8. Peeto

    Peeto Ol'Timer

    This is much better.
    Before navigation bar took half of the screen size. And if you wanted to post something the other half was occupied by the keypad.
    Nearly impossible to write.

    Now it looks like this.

  9. Peeto

    Peeto Ol'Timer

    By the way.
    This is how it looks at my forum.

    And if you start to type the navigation bar disappears totally.
    Come back when you post it.
  10. GTR-Admin

    GTR-Admin Ben Kemp Staff Member

    I'm glad that improved things for you - and for everyone else who posts from their phone as well.

    Thanks again for your helpful input, it is greatly appreciated!

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