Some trails and great scenery

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  1. Kev_O

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    Not much to say here in terms of a report, took a trip off on some of the trails up in Wang Nam Kieow, great scenery. Lots of nice tracks with very little or no other traffic. Here's a few pictures.


    Just through the trees there's a pretty spectacular view point, it's not fenced off or sign posted so beware of the drop off the edge, it's a long way down.




    Lot's of nice tracks like this one, pretty good washouts from the rains but nice and easy going.


    A good day out

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  3. Dougal

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    Nice report and photos Kev.

    Nice collection of bikes as well.

    How did the F800 handle? As soon as you get really adventurous and let her rip I'd like to know how difficult it is to pick it up on your own.

    Just kidding but it is a good question, is'nt it?
  4. johngooding

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    Yes nice pics, will have to go and have a look up there.
    Peter, having just come back from BKK BMW in Bangkok, and having spent a bit of time playing with an F800GS in the showroom and another one in the car park. I did not persuade anyone to lay it down for me to pick up, but I am absolutely sure it would be no problem for an able bodied person such as yourself. As long as you are not standing on a cambered muddy slope that is. Cheers, John
  5. Kev_O

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    The bike still has the original tyres on it which are road based, these were not much fun when I ventured down some overgrown tracks, getting back up to the main ones was a task. I ended up in a few places where I had to turn around and go back the way I came, the bike is quite a handful turning tight over rutts etc. and I imagine dropping it would be a pain, yet to do it though and hope I do not need to, hate to see what sort of coin any body work repairs would cost.

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