Sometimes selling bikes can get a bit strange

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    I had the 750 Yahmaha for sae on the board Interesting it went for 15K yesterday, the guy was a nice guy and wanted to restore it so I let him have the book and all at 15 K. I dropped him off at the airport today for his return trip to bangkok. I got a phone call from another guy who wanted it because he had found a parts bike same bike no book, for 15K in Bangkok. So he should end up with a nice 750 with a book for 30K after some elbow grease.

    I didn't want to let the book go because I was afraid some guy would just jump on it after and start riding and probably end up dead. I rode it for three years, I knew it's quirks The guy I sold it to used to rebuild cars as a hobby in Australia. So it looks like the old girl found the right home and luck was riding with it for replacement parts.

    I think I could have gotten the 20K out of it had I gave the book, however the guy who was considering was a newbie in Thailand and don't think he had a clue as to what he was geting into. So I just told him I was selling the book seperatly.

    Really worked out well, one guy did infact offer me 10K for the book , really was a funny deal that worked out well in the end.

    We are researching mailing it to Bangkok, checked the trian from Udon to Bangkok 1450 baht, that includes a passenger ticket as some one has to go with it.
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  3. Pikey


    Been on the pop Ray? [;)]


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    Actually I don't drink I'm just wierd, why I fit better in Thaland LOL

    Actually was down with the back yesterday no telling what happens when I take those funny little pills. o maybe truth be known I was on the POP LOL

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