Sometimes you just get lucky


Oct 14, 2005
I was sweating blood over who to take my bike to Yamaha 535 rear diferential seal leaking and a clacking noise that I thought was a loose rear brake spring.

There is a parts tore here in Udon that has a shop in it's rear. I have been going o it fo over four years now for minor things. The 750 I had befoer they would not touch it beyond, electric oil changes ect. We had become friends and I invited the shop manager and owner, to my wifes birthday party.

I didn't think they would work on this problem as they normally just do small bikes. But the work they have done for me has always been good and at a fair price. The guy who normally works on big bikes that I go to here in town, usually has a two to three week back log.

Took it in at 0930, they took it part not only were the rear seals gone, but the main bearing was shot ( clacking noise) at least even ball bearings missing in the main bearing. Not a good thing. But all the running gear is essentally the same as the 400.

Well I saw I was in deep trouble went home and got the Phantom, tiem to replace the rear tire aand the front fork seals. I wanted to have soemthing to ride. I knew that could be done.

1500 I get a call to go to the shop and pick up the 535, it was finished cost 1800 baht.

I was totaly amazed, don't know how they found the bearing, but they did.