Sonic racing at CM Speedway

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by nadsta, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Has anyone had a go or been down there? I hear its a blast and a very cheap way to race. Plus the Sonic is a fine little bike and fun to mod I'm sure.
  2. OK, you can't race there...yet. Some frinds are trying to organise a race there 'soon'.

    But you can cane your bike round the track for b60 an hour, but don't try it on anything bigger than a 125-I was lapping a guy who was on a 400 every few laps-theres no real straights and its all 2nd/3rd gear hairpins and corners on a 125. Total lenght under 1k and on the standard sonic you only use gears 2/3.

    I almost crashed at least 5 times on a hired Sonic ( don't tell Jaguar). It was still fun but dangerous as you quickly run out of ground clearance. Then someone leant me a race sonuc and that was it-perfect and you can build one for Sonic (B25000-55000 + B6000 parts). Hopefully I'll have built one soon.
  3. bought a used new model sonic in Hang Dong market for 35k, added a full system with oval can for b1300, rearsets, race tyres, junked some road gear, now it turns better than my SP1! Weight is now 85kgs from 95 or so stock.

    feels great round the track, which is pretty technical. hopefully some friends will be successful in organising a race ther for nov 26th
  4. Nadeem
    Sounds a bit alright & loads of fun.
    Pls keep us informed in the race meeting for Nov 26 comes off.
    Should be worth a look & a laugh & a loud cheer or two.

    Keep the power on
  5. race meeting is at thailand circuit not CM, damn. Maybe one will get organised for next year, they seem quite keen

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