Sony AS100V Action Camera

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  1. I watched this yesterday funnily enough. Yes great review. I enjoy watching this guys reviews and love listening to his accent!

    I would be interested to see the video he shoots with the camera attached to his helmet as that shot with the camera mounted on the handlebars was a tad shaky, even with the image stabiliser on.

    First came to know this guy through his Honda NC700X review, again, very enjoyable.
  2. Thanks for sharing the review Liam! Good to see someone out there is making a real attempt to challenge GoPro's market dominance.

    Sony's previous Action Cam didn't do so well in head to head reviews against the Contour and GoPro but nice to see they're still in the fight!

    My old GoPro still works great but needs a new battery and my Contour's lense has sadly become so scuffed up that image quality is really suffering and apparently there's no way to replace the lens so I'm in the market for a new camera.

    Would really like to see a comparison review between this new Sony AS100V and the GoPro Hero3 Black.

    Seems the Sony may be better value? I've found it for US$298 here:
    Gotta say, that wrist (or handlebar?) mounted remote screen is pretty trick!

    By comparison, the GoPro Hero3 Black (top model) sells for around US$400.
    pixel.gifpixel.gif GoPro-HERO3-Black-Edition.
  3. Just bought a Drift Ghost S to replace the previous Drift. Don't have any video (accidently deleted them last night) but here are a couple of stills. For video from my old Drift, check out you tube, search for deano744. Image quality on the new Ghost s is way better, and I went the New Drift route after a chunk of research, I really like the way it handles the transition between light and dark as you ride under the tree canopy. Also colours true to life, both in the sun and in the shade. The camera is mounted to the engine crash bar with Ram mounts, and the remote is wrapped around the handlebars.



  4. ^ Cheers for that! Not familiar with the Drift, but a quick search reveals it's had good reviews and is definitely a contender!
  5. Here's the video with the Sony mounted on his helmet, also a tutorial on how to set it up for "Moto Vlogging".

  6. Video from a ride yesterday.

    I deliberately edited this to show how the camera performs looking into the sun, and how it transitions from dark to sun. These are the hardest things for cameras to do.

    I added the music and deleted the audio from the camera as it is crap. A tiny bit of engine noise buried in the wind noise, and I had the mic set at lowest sensitivity. No idea how good it would be for the video blogging stuff.

    It come with 2 different end caps. One has 2 holes, one for the mini usb for power, and the other for an external mike. While this cap has rubber bungs when you don't have anything plugged in, it doesn't look waterproof. The other cap has a proper rubber seal around it for waterproofing, but no holes in it.

  7. OK, just watched this and the quality of the youtube is terrible. Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. Would appear you uploaded a very low quality file. Highest resolution for your vid is only 480px. Did you upload from a mobile device? If you do and have a slow connection YouTube will often only take the upload in low res. Upload again from a fast connection in 1080HD!

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