Sony picturebook free to a new home


Nothing to do with bikes, except my cute little Sony Vaio Picturebook sub-notebook played submarine when I dumped my bike into a river near Sangkhla. Rather than taking my chances with a repair I shelled out for a new PC.

The PC is dismantled and needs cleaning out. Dto. for the power supply. I'll give it away to anybody who wants it, rather than just throwing it away. Just send me an email: beddhist at

There is no hard disk, otherwise everything is there and the shop in Pantip Plaza said there is an 80% chance that it will go again.

Specs: Model PCG-C1X, 7" wide screen, Pentium I 266, 128 MB RAM.

Nov 1, 2004

Sorry to hear about your almost dead Sony, my Thai friend's son is doing a course about fixing computers and if its still available, and if your sure you dont want it , I'm sure he will be very happy to have a laptop he can try to fix. We are not in Bkk, but close and can pick up from there.
(couldn't get your gmail to work)

Thanks mate