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  1. MBT

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    To all the guys that have mailed me regarding their free coffee in soppong...

    'The Border' opposite the Market in Soppong (Pangmapha) will be finally open after 7 weeks of refurbishment and building on 22nd March. Our opening day/night will feature live music from GT Riders own Guitar Man John (Jonadda)on Bass and Italian John on Guitar.

    Anyone that turns up on our opening night (or any other time )on a bike and mentioning GT Rider will get our offer of a free coffee and all the info I can give on where to ride in this town.

    We do have 2 nice but basic rooms at 150b pr night however, they are reserved on 22nd.

    'The Border' is Soppongs first and only bar and our plan is to offer riding information to bikers plus top notch food western and Thai as well as draught beer! Anyone that also finds themselves riding our area around MotoGP or Football times can also relax in our lounge watching it on our big screen TV.

    Thanks for letting me plug this here and hope to see more riders soon.

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  3. DavidFL

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    A reminder for this weekened.
    The Border Bar grand opening on Thursday 22nd & on the weekend the Pai Enduro in Pai 24/25 March.
  4. MBT

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    Captain Slash,

    There has been a slight hold up with the Pizza oven however I can reccommend... Huge Sirloin steak (imported) french fries and mixed veggies followed by banana split topped with raspberries and whipped cream for 195 baht! I have gotta say...I found a fantastic supplier of these steaks and although I maybe biased they are the best steaks I have ever eaten in Thailand. As I write this we have 2 slabs left and one of those is reserved for my dinner tonight! By tuesday there will be more as well as Wild boar.

    Our menu is slowly building as we get hold of decent supplier which is difficult out here in the sticks BUT Pizzas are planned as soon as I can find room on my truck to bring the oven out from CM.

    A word on our opening party... Went with great success thanks to 'Jonnada' and Italian john pumping out some wicked tunes and putting up with my atrocious harmonica playing and out of tune Van Morisson impressions. We are now officially open despite we have no decent signage! Our (Expensive) signs were sent from Mae Hong Son bound for Pangmapha (soppong) but I have just found out they arrived safely in Chiang Mai at 12:30 today, just 1 day late and 200 kilometers away from their orginal destination!

    As David mentioned the Pai Enduro is 24th/25th March and should anyone venture Soppong direction before or after the competition it would be nice to meet a few of you guys and our free coffee offer is still open to all GT Riders!
  5. MBT

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    Captain slash,

    I will reserve our best table for you! I am doing a run to CM in the morning (24th) to return Jonaddas music kit and pick up essential supplies including a few more of those steaks! I have a choice of lean cut or some with scumptious, totally unhealthy line of juicy succulent fat running down the edge. Would this be your preference instead of the healthy Veggies?
  6. Auke

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    Yes, a few good signs would help. Passed by yesterday on the way to exploring Rd 1226 and only because an attraction walking in front of "The Border" (a distraction according to my better half who was the co-pilot) I spotted the place.

  7. Rasseru

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    Yes! Yes! Yes!
  8. MBT

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    Signs are now in place however due to the road works they are only in temporary places as we cant put them directly in the front of the bar until they have layed the road and sidewalk. Customers are now coming in so they must now be visible. Put up 6.30 pm 24th.

    Just in ase we are directly opposite the market next to Lemon hill guest house which is next to the PTT petrol station.

    I enjoyed my steak last night fully loaded with succulent fat lining a delicious lean meadium rare sirloin! Considering my own appetite for good steak, get them while you can!
  9. MBT

    MBT Ol'Timer

    No problem look foward to seeing you next season. Wish I was going back to the UK simply to get out of this heat.

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