Sore head at Bung Kan/pakxan crossing

Sep 29, 2007
Just a warning if crossing from Bung kan to make sure they stamp your
international travel permit.I waited 1 hour for the boss to come back from lunch so he could stamp it,20 mins after he came back the lady calls my name and said everythings finished,(I should have checked!) :oops:
Arrived at Pakxan and proceded through customs only to be told that I could go, but not the bike as it had not been stamped out of Thailand :roll: .I was pointed to some small boats for hire to take me across the river to get the book stamped,now my Thai is pretty good and I started to talk with the boat guys and asked about the cost to go wait 5 minutes and come back?He said $1000 Baht,I knew this was a ridiculous price and tried to negotiate to no avail,they had me by the short and curlys and they knew it!And of course there was an electrical storm just starting and it pissed down to make my first crossing all the happier :( .
I crossed over got my book stamped returned and negotiated customs at Pakxan succesfully,then headed for Vientiane with the storm at my tail and the thought of an Ice cold beer Lao keeping my chin up :D .

Im off to Phuket for two weeks and will post the complete trip on my return with pics till then,

safe riding,

Madyakka :wink: